Wintermute Releases ”Audivore”

Recently, Wintermute participated in a contest called the “RPM Challenge”.  I’ve quoted his post over at the OC Remix Forums for you to read:

Good afternoon, OCReMix!
I recently participated in the RPM Challenge (
For those not familiar with it, the basic premise is that you create an
album’s worth of original music within the month of Februrary. Starting
on February 1st and ending (rushed!) the night of the 28th, I created
an album entitled “Audivore,” which I have since decided to make freely
available for download.
8 tracks
35 minutes, 42 seconds

I had a lot of fun trying to work in such a short time frame. The
production got a little rushed at the end, which was one of the major
factors in deciding that it should be released for free.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.