3 new 8bitpeoples releases

From GM4A:

8bitpeoples keeps cranking
out the hits, whilst rapidly approaching catalogue number 100. Check
out these three free releases if your ears are thirsting for some 8-bit
Chip Hero by Cornbeast

delivers Chip Hero, five songs from the soundtrack of an imaginary
future video game where players perform along with the chip music hits
of tomorrow, using controllers resembling the gaming gear of yesterday.
Post-modern musical sensibilities collide with pre-information-age
hardware, not so much closing the loop as introducing something
unconventional, unexpected, and occasionally upbeat.

DaMaGe by glomag

Roland walked on through the desolation, he was acutely aware that he
had lost something intangible. His only clues came to him by way of the
DMG in his pocket. The lamprey was willing, for the moment, to help him
search the debris for the small cartridges that fit into the DMG, each
one supplying a new, crucial piece of information. The hidden truth
would be thus revealed to him slowly, in sequence.

Claps and Leads by Mr. Spastic

and Leads” marks Mr. Spastic’s triumphant return to the 8bitpeoples
catalogue; five deft exercises in virtuoso programming, balancing
intricate technical skill with a warmly organic sound, all delivered in
his signature bold-yet-delicate tech-soul style. Jazz, deep funk,
disco, R&B, and full-on techno inflections collide and merge into
an astonishing stylistic cocktail, all topped off with a shimmering
pro-grade production sensibility. Dazzling artwork by Ui completes the
package, sealing the deal on a certain future classic.