8bit FM web radio

From GM4A:

Recently I was informed about a very cool and much needed endeavor. It
is an awesome new streaming web radio site dedicated to every type of
video game inspired music. The aptly titled 8bitfm
is that site, and you can head over there and listen right now to find
plenty of nerdcore, VG rock, chiptunes, remixes, and even lots of
straight VGM compositions. So they definitely have it all, no matter
what type of VG inspired tunes you enjoy! They also have a few daily radio shows for different genres.
The site just started up but it looks like they are doing everything
right to become a great musical source in the community, so definitely
listen in and keep an eye on these folks!

Admittedly, ever since I’ve noticed that internet radio is pretty much all starla listens to, I’ve really been warming up to the idea again. Back in the day I used to listen to pretty much exclusively video game music radio and OverClock’s old streamin radio before ormgas came over and took that over.

That said…I’ve been listening to this all morning now =P