New ReMixing Site in the Works

Out of the shadows comes quintin3265 with a post on OverClocked ReMix:


Even though I’ve been following the remixing community for close to
fifteen years, believe it or not, this is my first post here. I’d like
to call people’s attention to remixSite, a new video game music site
I’ve designed with the significant help of several others.

I started out trying to learn symfony and JQuery, then attended some
video game music concerts, and somehow ended up with an entire website
for originals and arrangements of game music.

The site allows users to post either final versions of songs or works
in progress, which are indicated by a separate flag. Songs can be rated
and reviewed, and artists can post updates to songs (for example, a
better quality sample or a remade passage). You can associate your
songs to original tracks and search to find if others have remixed
those tracks.

Take a look at
and see for yourself. The site needs further testing and I wouldn’t
consider it worthy of production use until people have messed around
with it a bit more. Feel free to upload some songs and post comments.
There is a bug tracking system set up and feature requests are welcome.

remixSite is not designed to compete with Overclocked Remix, as it has
a different structure and has no judging criteria. In fact, if people
are interested in remixSite, I would prefer to work with community
members to integrate it with the various music sites, instead of, for
example, creating yet another forum.

Comments welcome!


In a short conversation in #ocremix everyone had a lot of different opions. Some people questioned the need for yet another site, while others embraced the idea of a functional idea solution to what VGMix has been trying to do for about 3 years.

I agree the site does a much better job filling the VGMix-esque niche and has a pretty different mission than that of OverClocked ReMix or ReMix:ThaSauce. Right now it has some fancy AJAX modules and some nifty effects (with problems of their own); the VGMdb integration is particularly nice, however I feel it’s just not far enough into the project to form any real opinions.

And finally: I think it’s particularly important to note that this site promotes synergy (like a boss).