OverClocked ReMix StarCraft Tournament

StarCraft Tournament

garian posted on the OCReMix forums:

Ok guys! I was saying the other day on IRC that we should have a
small-potatoes SC tournament, and even offered to donate 20 dollars for
a prize (either cash or whatever you guys would deem appropriate)! I
was hearing that there is already some interest (most notably Nekofrog,
Tensei-san, and Battousai) and wanted to see if there were other folks
who’d want to get in on something like this.
I was figuring that we
could even record the replays with commentary if people were
comfortable having other folks watch their games… even though I doubt
many of us here are really “good enough” to warrant actually having a
VOD, it’d be nice to see our own flaws and compare strats.What do you guys think? You can message me on IRC or Steam (add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/garianse) but please not here because I hardly ever check my messages or email.

Update May 22:
It seems most people want to have two tourneys, a 1v1 series and a 2v2
series pairing people by their skill. Each round of the tournament will
be decided by a best of 3 matches. I’m thinking that we should maybe
aim for a mid-to-late June date to begin playing, but I don’t want that
to be set in stone until we’ve got some more of the details hammered
out. If you’re wanting to “sign up,” go ahead and make a post with the
race you play and the name you’ll be playing under. Check this post for
future updates!