Radio ThaSauce Live — On Hiatus for Now

It’s with regret that I must announce that Radio ThaSauce Live is on hiatus for the next two to three weeks.  I’m going through a huge phase in my life right now, I’m moving out of the house I’ve called home for the last 8 years of my life.  Thus, I’m in the midst of packing up my belongings, throwing out what I don’t need, and trying to get organized for this move.  Therefore, I will not have much, if any time, to actually sit down and do the show.  However, I do have some VERY exciting news for you!

When I return in mid to late June, my shows will be longer, though
continuing on saturdays, they will be at least 4 hours long.  I will
also be looking for a few good co-hosts at that time.  The next planned
time off will be Otakon 2009 since I will be in attendance, and of
course, at the OverClocked Remix Panel and of course JamSpace/Club
What can you expect in June? Longer shows for one.  A
live video feed!  Also, I’m planning on purchasing some DJing gear in
the near future, so keep it locked to Radio ThaSauce Live, as I may
very well be doing a live mix show at some point!

Thanks to everyone who’s been listening in faithfully since the beginning.  What’s coming up promises to be fantastic!