Fan Art Competition 4 Results. FAC25: Blizzard Games


and the winner is………..RAMANISCENCE!!! Congratulations!

Number 1 – Ramaniscence, Day of the Mario — 21
Number 2 – Davos-Moon, Guybrush Portrait — 14
Number 3 – Starla, Razor and the Scummettes — 7

HERE ARE THE ENTRIES!!!Number 1 – Day of the Mario
Number 2 – Guybrush Portrait
Number 3 – Razor and the Scummettes

And next month’s competition has been announced:

Welcome to the June 2009 edition of OCR’s “official” Fan Art Competition (FAC)!

This month’s theme is Blizzard Games!

“My first impulse thought would be Blizzard games, as I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been done before.

My only hope is that people think beyond StarCraft and WoW and can
dig up some Lost Viking, StarCraft: Ghost, WarCraft/Diablo I D:”

–Ramaniscence, winner of May’s FAC!

PM your entries to me by TUESDAY JUNE 23RD.