redesign time – designer needed!

Ziphoid posted on

During the summer, will be completely reworked and will
be based on a new engine instead of the current one. This gives the
obvious opportunity to not only change the background system, but also
the frontend into something new and fresh. Because I’m a coder and no
designer, I’d like some help in making it look kickass as well as I’ll
make it have a proper engine to run it on.

What is needed is a
nice and clean design, focusing on the Amiga in a retro or futuristic
way. The site will still be quite ‘shallow’ since it’ll only be a
listing of what tracks are available – apart from the submission system
– which means it shouldn’t be too hard to do this. I’m very fluent in
CSS + XHTML, so that won’t give any fuzz, but if any of you feel up for
helping out with the new design, please contact me here or via the
contact form on the site itself.

There really are no guidelines other than the above mentioned so the
design can pretty much be in any way you create it. Just think of it as
a big listing of remixes + some additional links and info and it’ll be
just fine. :) Also, make sure it’s doable without TOO much graphics involved, since we want it to be lightweight as well as good looking.

yes, I plan to make the site skinnable (which it actually is right now
as well, but I don’t use it) so more than one design can ‘win’ this.

When I get hold of something good as a prize, I’ll make sure to give that to the winning entry. :)

Go ahead – design like the wind!

// Ziph