Donations and you.

Nerdapalooza reminded me of something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have never been able to do much of: PROMOTE. We got 1 run of shirts made, I got some cheap flyers and DVD cases to make stuff happen, but the funds just weren’t there to make any serious promotion.

So this year, if at all possible, I want to be as ready for MAGFest as possible, and while adsense really isn’t going to get us all the way where we want to be, it’ll certainly help a bit. BUT WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?

You’ll notice R:TS now has a DONATION button, as well. We graciously accept all donations, BUT depending on HOW much you donate,you can get some TOTALLY sweet stuff.

  • $5 = ALL OF R:TS + More – R:TS doesn’t have torrents…yet (though someone did put up a torrent awhile back on TPB). So with a donation of $5 or more we’ll mail you a super snazzy DVD with all the R:TS mixes (as of July 10th), as well as some unreleased MAGFest video and some other cool stuff.
  • $25 = ALL OF R:TS + a shirt, bro – The initial run of shirts sold out…pretty much immediately, and those lucky few who got them should know that shirt is pretty much a collector’s item now, because the next run of shirts will be TOTALLY different. Now, I can’t promise you a shirt right away, because we don’t have them, and I can’t afford them right now, HOWEVER the next shipment of shirts has been designed, picked out, and are ready to be ordered. I hope to have them by MAGFest, and with a donation of $25 I absolutely GUARANTEE you will get a shirt as soon as they are availible. This means as soon as I get the BRAND NEW (totally snazzy) ThaSauce shirts with the all new logo design, you will be THE FIRST to recieve one, before they even go on sale.
  • $25+ = All of R:TS, a shirt, AND unconditional love – I already love you all. To everyone that’s stuck with us from the beginning THANKS A BILLION, and I really don’t like to play favorites…but I will. Money talks, people.
  • $100+ = All of R:TS, a shirt, unconditional love AND n00dz. – ’nuff said.