New Armcannon album onsale now – previews available

ArmCannon: Return of the Attack of the Legend of PizzorFrom ArmCannon’s MySpace:

Cost = $12 plus shipping
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This is it.  The sequel.  The duece.   This is Armcannon 2: The Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor.  If you’re wondering who Pizzor is, you’d best be searching through some previous Armcannon media for a history lesson.

We’re probably going to be referring to this as “Two” or “Pizzor” for the sake of brevity.

In February of this year, we entered Watchmen Studios for a few weeks to churn out this slice of delicious terror and we’re quite pleased with the results.   Watchmen Studios recently put out the newest (and previous) Psyopus record, along with the new Brutal Truth.   With engineer Doug White at the helm we cranked out 11 new Armcannon glory anthems to celebrate our roots. 

Now, the 11 million dollar question.   What songs did we include?


Power Rangers
Mario World Castle
Super Mario 2
Megaman 2 Wily Stage
Hulk Hogan/Shawn Michaels themes
Kid Icarus
Megaman 2 Crashman
Castlevania 3

You’re probably wondering: “When can I listen to these?”.   The answer is SOON.   At a date not yet determined, we will be posting the album online for sale.   When we do this, I will put every track on myspace (I’m pretty sure myspace will let me do this) for 3 days so you can hear the album in its whole glory.    So anyways, stay tuned folks!

<3<3<3 - Armcrizzle