Nekofrog presents: The Agony of Man ALBUM PREVIEW

Fricken Metal, Bro

Nekofrog posted on OverClocked ReMix:

My debut album is nearing completion, but for a few reasons that cannot be revealed here, it will be some months before it finally sees an official release. Until then, I figured I’d throw up a preview of what’s to come. This preview consists of two fully completed (length-wise) songs, and one abbreviated song.

Entitled “The Agony of Man”, this album features a trilogy of songs depicting the birth, life, and death of a man, detailing the major events that define his tragic life. It also spans various different genres of metal, including thrash metal, progressive metal, death metal, melo-death, and many others.

Track 1: This song is entitled “Overdose”, and is unrelated to the trilogy. Some of the other musicians that I’ve shown the project to have described this song as progressive/melodic death metal, however it lacks any type of vocals. So if you’re one of those types who likes the guitar of melodic or progressive death metal but can’t get past the cookie monster vocals, this is probably right up your ally.

Track 2: This song is entitled “The Funeral”, and is the middle part of the aforementioned trilogy. It details the death and laying to rest of the man’s wife, and his regret at having ever met her and inadvertently causing her death. EMO FAGGOT. Vocals (yes, this song has vocals) were recorded by DrumUltima of, derp, OCR fame.

Track 3: This song is entitled “Descent”, and is unrelated to the trilogy. This song takes elements from thrash metal more than anything, with some fast riffing near the fadeout. This track is going to be a doozy when the full thing is unleashed 🙂

In the coming months, a few more tunes might be “leaked” up until the album’s final release. Thanks for listening, I’d appreciate some comments if you enjoyed it, or otherwise.