The Megatainment EP is here!

Megatainment From The Megas MySpace:

New music is finally here!  We just released Megatainment, a collaboration with our good friends Entertainment System!

The idea was born this time last year, when we embarked on the first Megatainment tour – basically they kept hassling us about not planning to do the MM1 soundtrack, so we said “write and record all the music and we’ll do vocals…” and that’s exactly what happened!

We’re really excited about how this turned out – Entertainment System brings a different, heavier sound than what we play, so it was a fun challenge to come up with melodies and lyrics!  Story-wise, this fits in as a nice prequel to Get Equipped.

Check out the Elecman track on our page, then head over to and pick up a copy – they’re only $5!  We’re selling hard copies for a limited time – make sure to order soon if you want to get one.

– Megas