Radio ThaSauce Live — New Blog

Dyne here, and have I (finally) got some news for you!  Of course, if you haven’t been listening to it, I run the radio show Radio ThaSauce Live! For those of you who have, this is good news for you too!  Recently, I decided to do a little work on a blog that I’d wanted to experiment with.  This is where the good news comes in!

The blog is up and running, and while I’ll also be experimenting with it, I thought that I would use it for a greater purpose than just playing around.  It’s not the official blog of Radio ThaSauce Live, and you can check it out just by clicking here! It features news, the radio show event schedule, and will also be bringing you so much more!
Keep checking it out to stay on top of events, show notes, and more!

See you at show time!