Powerglove Tour with Sonata Arctica / Munity Within! Album recording continues!

From Powerglove’s MySpace Blog

Hello Powerglovers,

We’re tickled pink (literally) to announce that we’ll be touring with Sonata Arctica and Munity Within right after our tour with Hammerfall.  After these two big tour announcements this week, I have a sudden urge to travel back in time and reassure my 16 year old self that if I devote my life to making metal arrangements of video game and cartoon music, for some reason I’ll get to tour with my metal heroes.  Also, I can let 16 year old Chris know that in a few short years his beard will finally fully connect to his moustache, ending years of nervous confusion and beard-doubt.

Tickets are again available through enterthevault.com at their site and through the links below.

The Sonata and Hammerfall tours play many of the same places, which might present some fans with a difficult decision.  The true Powerglove way of course is to attend all possible concerts, wearing a ceremonial Zebediah mask to all events, and try to stage dive over and over until the Ultimate Power reveals itself to you or you lose consciousness.  Cosplaying as Bridget from Guilty Gear is also acceptable.

Since most comments on these blogs are about where we’re not playing, let me assure the populace of Glovopolis that we’ll be touring a lot in 2010 and have some headlining dates and smaller shows to announce later that will happen during the Hammerfall / Sonata Arctica odyssey and beyond.  By all means though let us know in the comments where you want us to play, and we’ll analyze the data with our tricorders and make sure we bring enough swords and starbusts for everyone.