OLRville – Tunes for the Road

OLR ville

After 5 months of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears because nobody
understands what a ‘deadline’ is), OverLooked ReMiX proudly presents
our latest site project, OLRville – Tunes for the Road!
The album is a collection of different town/city themes, done in the traditional OverLooked style of making blood flow from your ears while you listen.  8 tracks of ReMiXy goodness from guys like Brunzolaitis, Zimish One, and nesper!

Click the picture (or follow the link -> http://olrville.olremix.org) and grab the .zip if you want everything, or have a taste-test with the songs first!  And if you are feeling so bold, leave some comments in the official thread.

You can give your props to Zimish One (aka POCKETMAN in some places), as he is the project coordinator and I don’t even know which site project this is for him…probably his 6th or so.

(also, this is an announcement that our queue is fixed, so you can submit songs again!  yay!)