Nario ñ Most of Me debut album release

Most of Might
From GameMusic4All:

For those familiar with one Theshizz may also be familiar with one Nario from around those parts. Well like most folks over at the shizz, Nario is quite the musician. He has released his debut album, Most of Me for free download, via Skrow Media. The album spans 13 tracks of relaxing ambient tunes and upbeat melodies.

The album kicks off with the fast paced chiptune anthem HAX. This leads straight into one of my favorite tracks, the piano driven, Metroid soundingChilled Pop Cherry Soda. The swirling piano mixes in with the deep, dungeonesque bassline to create a strong but haunting track.

The album continues to keep things interesting with lots of musical, as well as mood shifts throughout the rest of the songs.

For the best track on the album though, my vote goes to Hallucinogenic Ethics. What I consider one of the more experimental tracks on this album, the song kicks off with some ambient noise, before driving in hard with the main melody. Soon a wall of high pitched flourishes converge with the deep rhythms and create an adventurous track that stays interesting through out the three minute length of the recording. The track comes to a close with a dissonance of eerie sounds that give the track an interesting, unfinished quality to the ending.

This is a strong debut from a person we have been waiting to hear from musically for some time now, so check out his debut as well through this link! Also, be sure to check him out through his youtube page as well!