ThaSauce Acquires OverLooked ReMix; Suzumebachi Declared Supreme Truckdriver

Suzumebachi posted on OverLooked ReMix:

Sorry about the downtime. Took longer to transfer servers than we thought. That makes us dumb. But that also makes us your bosses.

Things are gonna change around here, people. For one thing, sad mario HAS to go. Space cat has been grounded. And the dumptruck budget has been slashed by 50%.

Starting today OLReMix will only accept ReMiXesSsS of the highest quality. Your submissions shall be judged cruelly by a new panel consisting of the highest and most qualified authorities, handpicked by your overlords. And if found wanting, you will be summarily executed.

All un-televised rebellions will be put down immediately with brute force and no remorse.

Disregard that I

Anyways, I’m Suzumebachi, and I’m your newest admin. Your friends at ThaSauce Network have taken over hosting of OLR and as such naturally left me in charge. What does that mean for you? Nothing, really. Just one more bully in the pulpit. If that’s even a valid metaphor.

We’re still in the process of ironing everything out on the new server. So if you see anything broken, PLEASE let us know.

Oh and before you ask. No, Richter didn’t die. He just decided you all suck and he never wants to see any of you ever again.

Kidding. He got a life.