BGC named a Power User of FL Studio


Hey friends and fans, some pretty cool news that I’ve been meaning to share for the past few days:� The good folks at Image Line software, the makers of FL Studio have appointed me the honor of being considered a “Power User” when they found out about my use of their software for my work in Mass Effect 2.

I’m very honored and flattered by this, though truthfully I feel a little… out of place, haha.� Most of their other Power Users are successful producers, DJ’s, or performers who largely deal in electronic/pop music.� But it’s all good, I’m proud of my work on Mass Effect, and it looks like Image Line is as well, enough so that they figured it was worth giving me this cool badge, so to speak.

Regarding FL Studio, I’ve used it for some 6 – 7 years at this point as the primary host/sequencer program for probably over 95% of the music I’ve made.� Like any software it has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but it’s definitely played a key role in all the commercial music I’ve written, whether for video games, film, or television.� So thanks again, Image Line.� Keep up the hard work with your software!

For more information, visit my Power User page here –