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So recently on the OverClocked ReMix forums, ReMixer Gecko Yamori, started a discussion on the worst game music ever. Here’s a quote from his first post in the thread:

After browsing numerous forums and watching “best game music” threads
pop up every month with the same shit listed over and over, I thought
I’d make an effort to catalouge the worst aural offenders in games. Once
I have enough material I’ll pick the 10 worst ones and make a fancy
YouTube presentation.

Edit: As it turns out, the GeckoYamori made the thread awhile ago, but Txai has recently resurrected the discussion.

So far my nominees are:

  • A Boy and his Blob: This makes Banana Phone sound like Chopin.
  • Cruis’n USA: Would have picked Daytona USA, but the constipated Elvis
    impersonator trumps it on every level.
  • Mega Man 2 (Game Boy): I have no idea if the composer intentionally
    tried to pursue some avant garde disharmonic statement here.
  • Doom (32x): I know it’s not easy to get the most out of the YM chip, but
    this sounds just like they hastily ran the MIDI files through a
    converter and didn’t even bother to manually touch them up afterwards.
    Which makes sense given that the entire game was one big rush job.”

Please click�here�to see the rest of the thread and get in on the discussion.

Gecko Yamori�is a veteran ReMixer with 12 ReMixes on OverClocked ReMix ranging from Sonic CD to Mega Man 3, The Last Ninja and Streets of Rage 2, and was also involved in the OverClocked ReMix album, Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos.