MAGFest X Recap: Ellen McLain’s Portal Singalong “Want You Gone”

For those who didn’t attend MAGFest X, otherwise known as one of the largest video game music festivals in the country, we will be posting a few exclusive videos over the next few days to recap one of the best VGM events of the year. Among our favorite moments this year is a short clip of Ellen McLain’s wonderful singalong of her smash hit, “Want You Gone” with her husband John Patrick Lowrie, a fellow voice actor and overall awesome dude who happens to play a banjo. Nevermind the fact that Mrs. McLain has won numerous awards for her performances as GLaDOS from the highly favored Portal series. Although most of us are familiar with her wonderful voice performances in acclaimed Valve games such as Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress, Ellen McLain is also an established opera singer.