The Ultimate NES Tribute Abobo’s Big Adventure Out Now!

Do you remember your childhood? Viciously trekking across a kingdom to save a princess, throwing up punches and ka-pows to beat fierce thugs into submission, swimming across the open sea to avoid squids while desperately tapping A because you’d plunge to the bottom and magically die (multiple debates have sprung up at ThaSauce headquarters — is the loss of one life really that necessary?) Imagine these burdening, yet somewhat nostalgic dilemmas of your tiny eight year old self. Kind of awesome, right?

For those of you yearning for the fond memories of sitting in front of your NES for hours on end, look no further. Abobo’s Big Adventure is the perfect Nintendo Entertainment System parody game that pays tribute to the games you have come to know and love. Adapting to a variety of NES gameplay styles, the protagonist Abobo beats his way through a multitude of familiar characters and territories in search of his son Aboboy.

Just released, Abobo’s Big Adventure had been in development for over six years as labor of love as head developer Roger Barr explains, “A lot of love went into Abobo’s Big Adventure. We had no bosses to report to, no budgets to meet, no rules about what we couldn’t do… we simply took the time to make the kind of game that we had dreamed about when we were kids.” With the superior quality of Abobo’s Big Adventure, we firmly believe that Team Bobo’s commitment to this wonderful tribute may easily set the bar for prospective and future Flash games. If this hasn’t piqued your interest, you’d be delighted to know that ABA is free on the web and ready to play. So what are you waiting for? Get to it!