Russian Website Sells OverClocked ReMix Albums for Profit, djpretzel Urges Cease & Desist

Earlier this week, the OverClocked ReMix community revealed that a Russian website identified as has been selling various albums from OCR artists, which has been shown to be a clear infringement of OverClocked ReMix’s Terms of Service.

Administrator David W. Lloyd, also known as djpretzel, disclosed that this is the not the first time that LegalSounds has attempted to sell the same albums and has urged a cease & desist:

Please proceed; clearly they didn’t get the message the first time. This pisses me off just as much, if not more, but what really aggravates me is that any time I spend dealing with it is time better served working on the site & releasing more music… which they’ll then turn around and try to profit from.

I think perhaps we should propose a three strikes rule to them – this is the second time our free content has surfaced on their site, for sale. If it happens again, or if they fail to remove it this time, some sort of petition may be in order. I don’t want to inadvertently publicize their “service,” though…

Further investigation marks’s involvement in selling these albums as an ambiguous legal status in its own country, adding to OverClocked ReMix’s dilemma. The ambiguous laws underlined by “License ЛС-3Ðœ-05-09 of the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society” enable the Russian website to sell these albums, as pays license fees for all the materials subject to the Law of the Russian Federation “On Copyright and Related Rights”.

By creating a C&D e-mail template to, moderator Stevo “Level 99” Bortz has encouraged action for artists who have been unfairly taken advantage of through the illegal distribution of these albums. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you can contact and let them know that they are infringing upon and violating the endless amount of time and effort that these artists have utilized to create the music we have all come to love.