Internet Promo Machine: Sponsor Adam WarRock’s Upcoming Fall Tour

Adam WarRock, one of our favorite hip hop artists who brings back the ‘cool in all things nerd and pop culture, needs your help:

I am in the process of booking a pretty baller ass Fall tour with some friends of mine. We’ve been talking with some small sponsors for the costs of the tour (so I can potentially bring some international friends with me), so if you are a small website, business, or whatever, and are interested in being promoted by our tour INTERNET PROMO MACHINE, please contact me at adamwarrockmixtape[at] We have very affordable rates, and you get to have access to our sweaty, rabid audiences.

Doing it like this allows us to build business relationships, as well as avoid daily tweets about kickstarters or basically begging you for money constantly. That sucks. You don’t want that, right? You just want us to bring the THUNDER, don’t you?!?!

WarRock has scheduled to tour various major cities on the East Coast, including New York, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and much more. While we can attest to WarRock’s talent as an emcee, we would like to extend his invitation to those who would be interested in sponsoring the tour through e-mail. For more information regarding press releases and to preview his music, visit Adam WarRock’s official website here.