Noise Channel’s Rokko Chan Chiptune Album Listening Party

To promote Nubuwo & King Soukutu’s collaborative efforts to bring about Rokko Chan Soundtracks on July 4th, the Nubuwo staff have also teamed up with Noise Channel Radio to host a listening party for the music of Rokko Chan on May 31st that promises to deliver different arrangements by “a stellar list of your favorite chiptune artists”.

Be sure to tune in for the live show, as this episode of Noise Channel will NOT be archived for later streams or downloads. Because the album will not be released until July, this event presents a unique opportunity to experience a special preview of what Rokko Chan Soundtracks promises to deliver. Tune in by going to Arecibo Radio and connecting to the live stream this Thursday.

Because We May Sale Offers Games (& Soundtracks!) Directly from Developers

Listen to amazing soundtracks while receiving great deals on several award-winning multi-platform games with the Because We May sale, on now through June 1st:

We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely, as we are doing here! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose. For the last week of May (May 24 through June 1) our games will be deeply discounted to celebrate online stores that give us control over pricing: The App Store, Google Play, Steam, Desura, IndieVania, and a few others.

‘Tis the year for great deals on independent games that gamers may or may not have heard of and what better to celebrate May with even more discounts? With some of the best highly praised soundtracks from World of Goo by Kyle Gabler, Jim Guthrie‘s Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (which won Best Videogame Music of 2011 at Kotaku), OSMOS by  Loscil, Gas 0095, Julien Neto, & High Skies, and some 8-bit chippage in EDGE, Because We May allows you to have access to over 50+ games that will satisfy all your aural and gaming needs.

The Because We May promotion seems to be only taking place this week, with no news as to whether or not more substantial discounts on independently developed games will be made available in the future. With that being said, get on this great deal now and take time to browse the incredibly varied game selection here.

ThaSauce Giveaway Extravaganza!: Minibosses 2012 Bay Area Tour

Are you a fan of the Minibosses like we are? Do you happen to live in the San Francisco area (or have the immediate means to travel there)? If you’ve answered a hearty ‘yes’ to both questions, we’d like to proudly announce the first official ThaSauce giveaway for the Minibosses 2012 Bay Area Tour! That’s right, you have a chance to win a pair of tickets for each of the following shows:

Friday, June 1 – Minibosses + crashfaster + Matthew Joseph Payne @ Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, 9pm, ages 21+ (Winners must be 21+ and bring ID)
Saturday, June 2 – Minibosses + more @ Catalyst Atrium in Santa Cruz, 8pm, ages 16+ (Winners must be 16+ and bring ID)

And guess what? Entering the giveaway is a breeze. All you have to do to be eligible to win is 1) like our Facebook page and 2) tell us what your favorite Minibosses song is or an interesting Minibosses show experience and what day you are planning to attend on our status post. You may choose to enter for both days, yet only ONE entry per person for each day will be permitted. The giveaway will end Wednesday, May 30th, with winners will be chosen through a randomized number generator and announced by the same day.  The winners will be contacted and must bring IDs to claim their tickets at the door of each event. Good luck!

** Special thanks to the folks over at Rockage: San Jose for making all of this possible!

Internet Promo Machine: Sponsor Adam WarRock’s Upcoming Fall Tour

Adam WarRock, one of our favorite hip hop artists who brings back the ‘cool in all things nerd and pop culture, needs your help:

I am in the process of booking a pretty baller ass Fall tour with some friends of mine. We’ve been talking with some small sponsors for the costs of the tour (so I can potentially bring some international friends with me), so if you are a small website, business, or whatever, and are interested in being promoted by our tour INTERNET PROMO MACHINE, please contact me at adamwarrockmixtape[at] We have very affordable rates, and you get to have access to our sweaty, rabid audiences.

Doing it like this allows us to build business relationships, as well as avoid daily tweets about kickstarters or basically begging you for money constantly. That sucks. You don’t want that, right? You just want us to bring the THUNDER, don’t you?!?!

WarRock has scheduled to tour various major cities on the East Coast, including New York, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and much more. While we can attest to WarRock’s talent as an emcee, we would like to extend his invitation to those who would be interested in sponsoring the tour through e-mail. For more information regarding press releases and to preview his music, visit Adam WarRock’s official website here.

Indie Game: The Movie to be Released Worldwide on June 12

While we’ve praised Indie Game: The Movie when it was first available for preorder, we are more than happy to announce that the 2012 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection will be available worldwide in just a few weeks:

That’s the date!  Indie Game: The Movie will be available, worldwide Tuesday, June 12th on iTunes, directly from us on and Steam!

When planning the release of the film, it was very important to us to provide the film worldwide, in a variety of ways.  Making it as easy and as accessible for people to download & watch the film in whatever way they’d like to.

Featuring compelling stories from a myriad of top indie game designers like Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy), Phil Fish (FEZ), and Jonathan Blow (Braid), the documentary itself captures the painstaking experiences of what being a independent artist truly means in a dying trade that sacrifices creativity for wealth within the twenty-first century. The film itself has been receiving rave reviews from various media outlets, with awards from New York Times and the 2012 SXSW Film Festival to show for all the hard work of everyone involved in the production and distribution process. Get Indie Game: The Movie for only $9.99 in multiple formats on iTunes, the official website, or on Steam today.

Nubuwo & King Soukutu to Release Rokko Chan Soundtracks

If there was a female version of Mega Man, what would her name be trademarked as? Mega WoMan? Mega Girl? How about Rokko Chan? If you don’t know what Rokko Chan is, you’re in for a treat with this Mega Man-inspired Flash game. Nubuwo, one of the best video game music news sites on the ‘Net (besides us, of course), has just teamed up with independent developer King Soukutu to formally release the incredible Rokko Chan Soundtracks: 

Nubuwo has partnered with independent developer King Soukutu on the publication of Rokko Chan Soundtracks. The designers ofThe Big Adventure of Owata’s Life and Rokko Chan will be overseeing the project, together with the organizers of music compilations Hydorah Arranged Tracks and Splatterhouse: Butchered by Various Artists.

The music collection is scheduled to include the Famicom-inspired score to browser-based Flash game Rokko Chan, written using PxTone Collage software and composed by Hokkaido-based musician Asagen. New chip music remixes by various artists are also planned for the release, in addition to arrangements in miscellaneous genres.

The Rokko Chan Soundtracks will be out on Bandcamp on July 4th in a convenient “pay what you want” format. Be sure to check back here within the month, as participating arrangers will also be announced soon.

Arecibo Radio Presents Shnabubula’s Starbound Release Party

Our friends over at Arecibo Radio have once again outdone themselves by holding yet another epic listening party in the name of one of our most admired artists, the piano prodigy known as Shnabubula on Tuesday, May 29:

Holy smokes! Shnabubula is releasing a new album! The album is called Starbound, a forty-two minute-long synth odyssey spread across 5 movements. Anyone who is familiar with Sam’s music knows this is going to be good, so I know you guys are gonna be there!

Arecibo Radio will have the great fortune of hosting this event, check out our radio station at It’ll immediately follow after a normally scheduled Touhou Tuesday, and you can join in & chat while the album’s being played live on the air via the on-site chat client, or using your preferred IRC client by connecting to #areciboradio.

The event will start at 10 PM Eastern (that’s 7 PM PST for you West Coasters). If you have NOT heard of Shnabubula’s mind-bending piano solos, we suggest heading over to both his Bandcamp and YouTube (check out one of our favorite songs here). This is definitely an event not to miss!

ThaSauce Wrap-Up: This Week in Review (May 14 – May 20)

At the end of the week, ThaSauce Wrap-Up feature posts bite-sized news recaps just in case you missed any juicy articles. Have any interesting video game music-related stories that you want us to look into? Are you an artist, composer, or remixer that wants keep in touch? Shoot an e-mail to [email protected]. If you’re looking for more ways to get your VGM fix, be sure to follow us on Tumblr or like us on Facebook as well.

  • Nerdapalooza 2011 Recordings Released on Bandcamp: Can’t wait to get your Nerdapalooza fix? Team Nerdapalooza has just released the live CD recordings from last year’s event featuring over 30 performers, including such artists and bands like The OneUps, Metroid Metal, brentalfloss, HDninja, Armcannon, I Fight Dragons, The Bossfights, Jeux On, Random Encounter, and much more!
  • Disasterpeace, virt, & 6955 on Indie Royale’s All-Charity Pack: The indie game bundle website Indie Royale releases game bundles every two weeks to help get the word out over games that are worth playing and support developers that are typically passed over in mainstream media. Along with excellent game releases this time around, the All-Charity Lightning Pack features albums every chiptune fan should own, including Jake “virt” Kaufman’s acclaimed FX4, 6955′s IN1ep, and Disasterpeace’s Level.
  • Jordan Steven’s The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey OST Available Now: As Jordan “bLiNd” Aguirre since the early ’00s, you may have have heard of Steven’s wonderful trance and house blends over on several OverClocked ReMix projects. However, Jordan Steven has proved that he can put down his mixing expertise momentarily and show how much he has mastered his own skills in composition with the Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey OST.
  • Quick Look: Danimal Cannon on Chiptunes @ PAX East: We know PAX East 2012 seemed like forever ago. And yes, we’ve probably covered everything from live streams of PAX East to some pretty cool live shows. But we figured that we can give you a little nostalgic run for those who went and for those who haven’t… well, we wanted to give you a more personal glimpse of the event itself. This week’s <i>Quick Look</i> features the awesome Danimal Cannon sharing his seemingly infinite knowledge on chiptunes.
  • No Survivors Tour 2012 with Protomen, Powerglove, & Danimal Cannon: Things are about to get crazy on the East Coast! The Protomen, Powerglove, and Danimal Cannon have hit the road for the next two weeks, travelling to different venues throughout several states such as Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, and Colorado for the No Survivors Tour 2012.

No Survivors Tour 2012 with The Protomen, Powerglove, & Danimal Cannon

Things are about to get crazy on the East Coast! Mega Man rockers The Protomen (check out our recent Quick Look to refresh your ears) and the video game metal band Powerglove have hit the road for the next two weeks, travelling to different venues throughout several states such as Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, and Colorado for the No Survivors Tour 2012. Coming along for the ride, chiptune master Danimal Cannon is also billed to be playing on the tour, forming an unstoppable trifecta of  absolute awesome. For you Canadian fans out there, rejoice! The No Survivors Tour is coming to you on two separate occasions, stopping in Montreal and Toronto.

While checking out the dates and locations to plan your next move,  you can buy tickets in advance with the links below.  We promise you won’t regret it.

20th – West Chester, PA – The Note —- ALL AGES *
22nd – Montreal, QC – Katacombes —- 18+ *
23rd – Toronto, ON – The Hoxton —- 19+ *
24th – Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place —- ALL AGES *
27th – Vancouver, BC – PNE Ampitheatre (with TENACIOUS D!)
30th – Denver, CO - Marquis Theatre —- ALL AGES

Sound Bytes: Dj RoboRob’s “A Daughters Revenge (Chun Li’s Theme)”

Like them womp womps? We definitely do when not overdone. This week’s Sound Bytes features yet another unassuming hard-hitter from Dj Roborob with his tribute to one of the leggiest women in gaming history, Chun Li. Just a warning though… hit the brief drop and frenetic wobbles may send your headphones/speakers/ears into a fantastic rhythmic frenzy for awhile. Listen at your own discretion!

Originally experimenting with chip music and eventually progressing through various genres such as house and dubstep, Dj Roborob is no stranger to mixing scene. You can hear more of his fantastic mixes on both Bandcamp and Soundcloud.