OverLooked ReMix Temporary downtime

Anyone who’s visted OverLooked Remix late’ll notice that the site is currently down down in an earlier round…
No worries, though. It’s not an elaborate hack job by BS Inc. or anything like that. Richter is simply moving the site to a new (an apparently much better) server. No word on exactly how long the transcition’ll take, but in the meantime you’re encouraged to visit the OLReMix chatroom.

OverLooked ReMiX Turns One

Eriw wrote, “I can’t believe it’s been one year! At this time last year, I thought we were going to have about 10 songs. But 413 songs – that’s more than one song per day! (<--- math genius) I’m glad to know you all. Thanks for all the joy, laughter, drama, criticism and shit you bring us. And yeah, thanks for the remixes!”

Misstik Kwest: A Final Fantasy Mystic Quest ReMiX Project

The latest OverLooked ReMiX site project, Misstik Kwest, is now ready for download. Project manager Joe Cam has gathered some great artists for its 18 tracks. This marks
OLR’s first project that’s not composed almost entirely of god-awful
music. Enjoy!

Site here. Discussion here.

Random Big News at OLR

OLR is happy to announce J0URN3Y 2 51L1U5, its second official site project. The spotlight track, Oh, Did You Forget? should not be missed. Dwelling of Fools‘ theme for August was Forests. Rexy walks away with the gold trophy. Also check out our sooper-spooky Halloween theme! Lotsa other stuff coming soon, such as the Million Man Mix and a torrent of the first 250 ReMiXeS.

OverLooked RemiX

It has recently come to my attention that OverLooked Remix hasn’t been getting much attention here. So, I will take it upon myself to bring all of you news from our fair little site.
Our Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time project finally has a name “OLRina Of Time” and needs more remixers and art for new sigs.

A mini flood of new remixes came yesterday, with remixes by big names like analoq and mythril nazgul, so be sure to check those out, along with all the other new remixes on the site.