CompoST 57

CompoST 57 happened today! Entrants were myself, Tyler Heath, Marou [formerly Catlein], mDuo13, and Argitoth. There was no voting, however I simply decided Argitoth’s was the most fitting piece. The theme was “Laboratory,” a theme that describes, well, a laboratory. Chemicals, computers, experiments, and machinery.

Tracks and Chatlog available here (thanks mDuo13)

As always, CompoSTs are held in #soundtempest on Come in and join the AWESOME!

The new SoundTempest needs your assistance!

Alright guys, I need your help. It is my personal opinion that SoundTempest, or what SoundTempest once was, needs to be revived in full. Our channel, #soundtempest on EsperNet, is still alive, and we have OHCs every now and then, however, it’s only a shadow of what ST used to be – a full community devoted to aiding both budding, promising musicians and game developers alike.

Since Andrew [zircon] is using SoundTempest as one of his main hosting sites still, simply reviving SoundTempest under the same name is impossible. So I’m thinking of new ones. I like the idea of a garden, there’s a whole metaphor for “growing” there. Outlawed words: “Sector, Section, Depot, Station” :). Maybe “dev-garden” since it has to do with game development in a way?

Anyway, the reason I’m thinking up names already is because I like how SoundTempest operated already. It worked. We got some interest from game developers, and there’s that whole Waerloga deal I had 😀 😀 :D. However, I still need help with site layout and logo, so if you guys could offer your help, that would be awesome, since I have experience in neither web OR logo design

I’m currently negotiating with ThaSauce crew about hosting [thanks guys!], so we might have that covered.

I’ve got that feeling in my gut. This will be a success! I look forward to a great site.

CompoST 56

CompoST 56 happened today! Entries are located here:

Entries are myself, Tyler Heath, and Catlein. The theme was “Caught by the enemy,” stealth-game style, like MGS. The OHC was held at 6 PM PDT.

As always, if you want to be in a CompoST, come talk to me in #soundtempest on

CompoST 55

CompoST 55 was held today. The theme was “Haunted House.” The entries are located at Participating today was me, Tyler Heath, Catlein, Garian, and Fusion2004. Ty won, obviously :). GHETTOSTS!
CompoSTs [short for Compo and SoundTempest put together :)] are thematic videogame music OHCs, held in #soundtempest on EsperNet. They are scheduled whenever anyone feels like compoing.

Formats allowed are music modules [it,s3m,xm,mod], NSF, mp3, and ogg.

I host the CompoSTs personally and also participate. I pick the theme and regulate the start and end time. I also decide whether the channel votes on a winner or not [sometimes when I am tired, there is no voting :)]

Come hang out in #soundtempest, and please let me know if/when you would like to have one.