MAGFest Recap: Bit Brigade’s Live Performance @ MAGFest X

You know a band is good when an entire audience exclaims, “Holy s*$%! Holy s@#$!” as loud as humanly possible even when the deafening clashes of drums and bass throes overwhelm the piercing yells of spectators. This kind of incredible energy is what Bit Brigade, self-described as “epic technical rock”, brought to the table at MAGFest X. Composed of members from various math rock bands, Bit Brigade manages to pursue the final boss into the gates of hell and back through their exuberant enthusiasm on-stage. If you weren’t there for the monumental leg-thrashing to some of the best renditions of your favorite Megaman theme songs, you can catch forty-four minutes of awesome above. We just wanted to show the world just how much Bit Brigade’s heart-stopping show melted our faces off.

YouTube video credit: InfiniteBacon