Get Cheap Dinosaurs’ S/T with Indie Royale’s Graduation Bundle

Established by the creators of the leading independent video game editorial site and online download service Desura, indie game bundle website Indie Royale releases game bundles every two weeks to help get the word out over games that are worth playing and support developers that are typically passed over in mainstream media.

With cap and tassel tosses fast approaching, the folks behind Indie Royale have recently released the Graduation Bundle for the sake of all you graduates out there (congrats, by the way), with awesome indie releases like The Void, Dead Pixels, The Ship, 1000 Amps, LaserCat, and AirMech. In addition to all these awesome games that you get for various platforms, you’ll receive even more bonuses for just a $7 minimum donation —  Cheap Dinosaurs’ acclaimed self-titled chiptune-rock album is yours for the taking.

The Cheap Dinosaurs S/T sounds  promising, as the project is explained by low-bit composer Dino Lionetti when he states, “Composed on a Nintendo gameboy rigged with a sequencing cartridge, the album expertly moves from jazzy bit-scapes to algorithmic grooves that are equally suited for adventure, research- and romance. The suite of nine songs are at once challenging and rewarding, propelling Cheap Dinosaurs own brand of chip-music to the forefront of experimental pop.”

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