8bitSF Presents POW: Indie Music and Developers Collide

In commemoration of the Game Developer’s Conference occurring in San Francisco this week, 8bitSF decided to hold a chiptune show. Gathering artists such as minusbaby, Freaky DNA, A_Rival, Disasterpeace, and virt, the show featured a variety of chiptune styles.

Louis Gorenfield kicked the night off immediately, playing some of his own original creations. Next up was The Glowing Stars, whose traditional rock style mixed with chip really kicked off the show. Their setlist included some tracks from their collaborative Horchata album, except with just them instead of Awkward Terrible as well as it was on the album. They were followed by Zen Albatross, whose tracks flowed into each other into one cohesive groove.

After him, virt came on stage, playing a couple tracks off his recent FX4 album and another from the Mighty Switch Force soundtrack. The crowd went wild just as he did on stage, and it was a rather crazy experience.  Following virt wascrashfaster; their fusion of chip and synthesized vocals proved to be a unique and enjoyable set.  After a short break,minusbaby took the stage. Just as with Zen’s set earlier in the night, it was one cohesive experience.

Disasterpeace took the stage next, and proceeded to rock out like there was no tomorrow. He also played a mix of recent stuff and a fan favorite. We were treated to Freaky DNA next, and he played a mix of tracks. Dancing like mad on stage, he controlled the playlist via a usb controller and really got everyone moving. A_Rival ended the night, and a fitting finale it was. He played several tracks, including his remix of the classic Ninja Turtles theme song, and ended it with a song from his album 8-Bit Pimp. He also handed out free copies of said CD after the show.

It was a rather successful night; people had predicted upwards of 100 people to show up, and judging by how packed it was that mark was probably exceeded. Great times were had by all, some of the times drunken, but all in all a great show.

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack On Sale Now

Coming at you with fast-paced arcade action, Retro City Rampage is an upcoming cross-platform parody of epic proportions that promises to “take modern game mechanics and mash them into an authentic 8-bit experience”. Although the trailer for the game marks intrigue here at ThaSauce (preorder Retro City Rampage here), we’d like to focus attention to the #1 selling album on Bandcamp that has just been released, the Retro City Rampage soundtrack, which features phenomenal music by what may be one of the best collaborations in the VGM scene right now. Award-winning artists like 2011 OSV Composer of the Year  virt (Jake Kaufman), Norrin Radd (Matt Creamer) and Freaky DNA (Leonard J. Paul) have come together to form an ultimate trifecta for the sake of high-quality chiptunes in the style of the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Retro City Rampage soundtrack showcases the best of what these composers have to offer, starting off with virt’s “Retro City Rampage Title Song” that reminds us of hard-hitting chip music at it’s finest with frenetic chords and frantic transitions. Norrin Radd’s “Renegade” thoroughy brings us back to the ‘badassery’ that has since delineated fighting arcade games since the ’80s while Freaky DNA’s “Half Steppin'” just rules overall with rugged, catchy beats, adding to the coarse, yet contemporary take on NES-dependent chiptunes.

While the full digital Retro City Rampage soundtrack is available on Bandcamp for a paltry $8, you can also elect to buy an individual limited edition hand-numbered vinyl that retains high-quality tunes for something more special. Order now, and you’ll also receive a poster of the cover album art by Maxime Trépanier and a CD case.