Indie Remixers RAC Take On Nintendo vs. Sega II

Remix extraordinaires RAC have just released the long-awaited Nintendo vs. Sega II. RAC, also known as the Remix Artist Collective, formed as the brainchild of André Allen Anjos in 2007 to resist the typical club mix paradigm that became prevalent in the early ‘00s. RAC is also noted for showcasing indie remixes that have received significant attention from various high-traffic review sites. RAC has earned special place here at ThaSauce by adding their own special touch to each song that implies intense focus and a careful ear to traditional 8-bit sounds. Known for adding fun, upbeat electronic instrumentation and sassy flair to the classics of both platforms, Nintendo vs. Sega II definitely highlights a rather refreshing perspective to video game remixes. You can download their album for free here.

Update: SoundCloud has just plugged RAC’S Nintendo vs. Sega II! Victory for VGM!