Sound Bytes: Blake Robinson’s “Morrowind Theme” Orchestra Arrangement

If you haven’t heard the orchestral works of Blake Robinson, you’re in for a special treat. Self-described as a “nerd for hire”, Blake Robinson may be seen as a true jack-of-all-trades. While maintaining his chief occupation as a game developer at both Electronic Arts and Outplay Entertainment, Mr. Robinson spends most of his free time freelance composing for several high-profile indie games. However, we just couldn’t resist not showing you how utterly epic his work can truly be.

We would say that Mr. Robinson has a history of taking old video game compositions and making spectacular orchestral arrangements. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind theme is the first time the modern Elder Scrolls series was heard, and to anyone familiar with the game it is particularly memorable. Jeremy Soule’s original title theme vivaciously captures the spirit of adventure that immerses you a foreign world the moment you enter the game. Over the years, the theme has gone through a number of changes, some of the most drastic of which can be heard in the Skyrim version, but to this day the Morrowind version still stands on it’s own. This arrangement captures that atmosphere and feeling that just hasn’t been felt again since the original Morrowind, despite how amazing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s soundtrack is.

You can preview more of his work on The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, a newly formed collection of his orchestral music, covers, and remixes. We truly applaud Mr. Robinson for going above and beyond most of his orchestrated pieces and invite you to experience the awe of such an extraordinary piece.


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