Noise Channel’s Rokko Chan Chiptune Album Listening Party

To promote Nubuwo & King Soukutu’s collaborative efforts to bring about Rokko Chan Soundtracks on July 4th, the Nubuwo staff have also teamed up with Noise Channel Radio to host a listening party for the music of Rokko Chan on May 31st that promises to deliver different arrangements by “a stellar list of your favorite chiptune artists”.

Be sure to tune in for the live show, as this episode of Noise Channel will NOT be archived for later streams or downloads. Because the album will not be released until July, this event presents a unique opportunity to experience a special preview of what Rokko Chan Soundtracks promises to deliver. Tune in by going to Arecibo Radio and connecting to the live stream this Thursday.

Nubuwo & King Soukutu to Release Rokko Chan Soundtracks

If there was a female version of Mega Man, what would her name be trademarked as? Mega WoMan? Mega Girl? How about Rokko Chan? If you don’t know what Rokko Chan is, you’re in for a treat with this Mega Man-inspired Flash game. Nubuwo, one of the best video game music news sites on the ‘Net (besides us, of course), has just teamed up with independent developer King Soukutu to formally release the incredible Rokko Chan Soundtracks: 

Nubuwo has partnered with independent developer King Soukutu on the publication of Rokko Chan Soundtracks. The designers ofThe Big Adventure of Owata’s Life and Rokko Chan will be overseeing the project, together with the organizers of music compilations Hydorah Arranged Tracks and Splatterhouse: Butchered by Various Artists.

The music collection is scheduled to include the Famicom-inspired score to browser-based Flash game Rokko Chan, written using PxTone Collage software and composed by Hokkaido-based musician Asagen. New chip music remixes by various artists are also planned for the release, in addition to arrangements in miscellaneous genres.

The Rokko Chan Soundtracks will be out on Bandcamp on July 4th in a convenient “pay what you want” format. Be sure to check back here within the month, as participating arrangers will also be announced soon.