TheGuitahHeroe’s Step Back Will Get You Groovin’


Although only eighteen years old, Jamison Randell is definitely no stranger to video game music. With several comprehensive VGM reviews and over 1,000 subscribers, it has been made clear that Randell’s heavy VGM presence on YouTube is a force to be reckoned with. Under the guise TheGuitahHeroe, Randell’s distinctive work has also been accepted into several VGM communities such as OverClocked ReMix and ReMix: ThaSauce.

To our surprise, TheGuitahHeroe’s newest EP deviates from his standard VGM practice, yet has us shooting eargasms of euphoria nonetheless. Step Back assuredly marks TheGuitahHeroe’s adept ability to adapt to varied styles while staying in touch with his roots within the VGM community. For example, “Chip Monster” hits those characteristic ‘womp womp’s without over-the-top distortion effects characteristic to the dubstep genre while “My Fax Machine is Broken (What in the Hell)”‘s smooth transitions from chiptune to hard-hitting basslines pay homage to TGH’s playful take on pop culture dub references (Hank Hill on dubstep, anyone?).

While you get a chance to preview some of TheGuitahHeroe’s EP below, Step Back is available for free on TheGuitahHeroe’s Bandcamp page.