Quick Look: aivi & surasshu’s “Mabe Village” Collaboration

The incredibly talented instrumental composer and Olga Brose Valente Memorial Prize winner Aivi Tran and sound designer surasshu  have come together at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference for a pretty awesome collaboration, featuring “Mabe Village” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. When prompted of how the project came about, Aivi writes:

Last month at GDC, I met Surasshu, a game composer/sound designer and friend who I knew of for chip music. I’d been curious about blending piano with chip sounds for awhile, so we decided to collaborate, starting with “Mabe Village” from Link’s Awakening. The whole process of this collab was way too fun – I cracked up every time we talked, and couldn’t keep a straight face in most of my video outtakes, either. Even in this video, I still end up with a big goofy smile!

Check out the product of their chip x piano collab above and be sure to check Aivi’s YouTube channel for great VGM piano covers and more cool aivi & surasshu projects coming at you soon.