zircon’s Unearthed Now Available on iTunes

Hitting third in Bandcamp’s top sellers recently, Unearthed is definitely a force to be reckoned with. With astonishing sound and production quality that VGM aficionado and sound designer zircon usually revels in, there’s no wonder that this newest release maintains the same absolutely breathtaking standards that he incorporates into all of his music. zircon describes the process in which Unearthed was also made available:

The material on UNEARTHED was culled from a library of songs and instrumentals spanning from 2007 to 2012. I chose only the best unreleased material; though there are many more unreleased or non-album tracks, the ones on UNEARTHED are those that I really want to make available to the public and especially my loyal fans who have been waiting far too long for a new album. As a bonus, this 56+ minute album includes unreleased versions of tracks like “Warhead (Skrypnyk’s Deep 6 Mix)” and “Mindbender (Circular Breakdown Mix)”, both from Antigravity, and both featuring the remixing talents of other artists (Skrypnyk and Big Giant Circles, respectively).

Ranging from a variety of styles from dubstep to vocal trance, Unearthed boasts having “something for every kind of electronic music fan”. We’re definitely inclined to agree. While zircon’s newest CD is available on Bandcamp for digital and physical copies, Unearthed has also been made available on iTunes for all you iTunes users out there!