Royal Sefton releases Hellven’s latest album

Royal Sefton III, frequently known as rs3 and a member of Hellven since
its second incarnation, released Hellven’s first solo album since the
netlabel’s return earlier this month. Featuring artwork by Kenji Bliss, “st rotfest and the death monastic”
is a 10-track, nearly 25-minute techstep album whose darker
mood reflects a departure from much of Sefton’s previous work.
Originally released as a part of Ubik’s Auld Lang Syne 2
album “competition,” Sefton fully remastered his entry before
officially releasing the completed album at Hellven. The album’s
ever-present harmonies and no-pause/continuous format are described by
Sefton as one’s experience during the last half-hour before the
impending end of days.

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