ThaSauce T-Shirts; May News Blitz

We’re preparing to roll out ThaSauce merchandise in the near future, but first we need YOUR opinion on it. Please vote in the attached poll for your size and color preference. We will probably only print one color style in the first run, but we can mix-and-match sizes so we will try to order in an appropriate ratio of sizes.

There are a few more issues to consider when voting:

  • Black shirts with the white logo will cost more, probably around $2-3 more per shirt.
  • We will probably base our purchase on the votes by color, but if you don’t think you’ll purchase a shirt in the next few months, please leave a comment instead of voting – this lets us know where the future demand might be, without “contaminating” the results for our first order, which will help ensure that we have the correct sizes for those who want them.
Depending on our costs and the style, the final shipped cost of the shirts will probably be $10-12 for the end-user, including shipping (within the US, at least – international orders may be more). This is slightly above our cost, mostly to cover hosting fees and unsold shirts.

In addition, when the shirts are ready, you will finally be able to do something with your points. While we have yet to announce an exact figure, it will be a sizeable amount (the merchandise isn’t free for us) and therefore we are announcing the May News Blitz – all submitted stories posted in the month of May will recieve double points2000 per story.

Anthony Lofton releases solo album, ”Sensational”

A member of the OneUps over at OneUp Studios, Anthony Lofton (saxophone), has released an original album that has been in the works for some time.
In a post on the OUS boards, Anthony writes:

A CD I have
been working on for a while has finally been released. The title is
‘Sensational’ and though it may not be game music, it is all original
work from me. The genre of the songs feature Smooth Jazz, RnB, House,
Latin. You can check out some demos on my website at

If you enjoy saxophone music, or are just a fan of the OneUps, this is definately worth buying.

Christian Pacaud joins Ubisoft

Christian Pacaud, who has contributed to OneUp Studios’ “Xenogears Light” as well as OverClocked ReMix, VGMix, and Remix:ThaSauce, announced yesterday via the OneUp Studios boards that he was hired by Ubisoft.
The current developer of games in the Myst, Heroes of Might and Magic,
and Tom Clancy series, Ubisoft has brought Pacaud on board as a Sound
Designer, a job which Pacaud begins on May 8th at the company’s Montreal, Quebec offices. Comments and congratulations may be left at the OneUp Studios’ forums. Stay tuned to Pacaud’s homepage for potential updates.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Alright, I realize that this might be overkill, however, since it was released on Tuesday, I might as well go ahead and give you a head’s up.
First of all, I bought my copy at the local Best Buy for $15USD. Might be more or less elsewhere. And I’m sure that sale ends on Saturday, so if you can, hurry up and buy it.

Now, no spoilers or anything here, but I’ve watched it, and it’s not bad. Unless you’re one of those people who got their hands on a subtitled japanese version via whatever P2P downloading program you swear by, you should at least pick up Advent Children anyway.

I picked up the Special Edition version, which I believe is the only version out in the US. Its upsetting that there was no Advent Pieces to go with this release, but, that’s why they have on-line stores. With this Special Edition, you get the full movie, plus a second disc with some extras.

For those of you not in the know on this release, you don’t get the Last Order Anime, and you don’t get anything that the Japanese release has. You do however, as was stated by various sources over the last several months, get a 101 minute movie with some of the coolest CGI sequences since the dismal Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The selected voice acting for the English version of the AC release is well done. Though I think they could’ve done a bit better with the scripting, as some things do not make sense, its not hard to follow if you watch it from start to finish.

Anyway, this is just a rough review of FF7AC, if you want to find out just how good, or bad if that’s your take on it, that this movie is, then check it out for yourself. Rent it if you have to, but at least watch it.

And finally, be thankful. This, for me, has been worth the wait.

The Big Bad Wii

For the fun of it, and because Rama demands it (yeah, slave labor at its finest!), I’m bringing you an update to The Nintendo Revolution. If you’re a bit slow on the uptake, or just lazy, the announcement has been made, and it’s official. The Revolution has been given a name, and it is “Wii”.
Yeah, it’s bad, but what can we say? Check out for more information, as well as

Wii…yes, you say it like “we”. And yes, it rhymes with other words too.

Shael Riley’s Toybox re-release CANCELLED

For anyone who’s been wondering (much like I have been) when Shael was going to release his remastered version of Toybox, we regret to inform you that the re-release has been cancelled.
From the thread @ OCReMix:

“No longer have accesss to a CD printer; jewel
cases were mistakenly sent back to the company and are no longer
available. CD version of Toybox is canceled.

Better luck next time. :[“

This is a is absolutely thoroughly upsetting to say the very least.

VGM DOCUMENTARY in the makes

Over at some people took the initiative to start a project about Video Game Music. They want to make a documentary video about VGM in general. It’s called “-PLAY- a VGM movie”. You might think it has something to do with the identically named “-PLAY- Live Symphony Tour”, but it is not associated with it.

These guys are not your average VGM fans that just want to make a movie. No their plan has great potential. They are going to get involved with VGM artists/ musicians. Interviewing them, taking footage of their performances and showing the “world ” what Game Music is all about. Check their site out.

If you ask me I would say this is a step in the right direction. Not only it’s the first VGM documentary of this kind, it’s also a good way of getting the attention of people that are not so involved with VGM. Giving them an insight of what VGM is and why “WE” love it this much.

And that’s the reason I think these people need our support, go to their myspace site (they will soon have their own site) and thank them. Say what you think. Link their page on your site. Do what you will but don’t forget by supporting them you make sure they support us the “VGM community” back.