Press Start #13 (6-1-05): ThaSauce, VGDJ, final E3 stuff

On this week’s episode of “Press Start”, Unforgiving Edges talks about Rayza’s new OCR Podcast, “VGDJ”, gives his rundown of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, after checking it out earlier in the month, and (most importantly) talk about our very own “ThaSauce” ;-).
Press Start airs every Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:00am PDT (-8 GMT). Information about the show can be found via the stream for the show is located at and the show email is [email protected].

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PS2 Emulator Screenshots

If you were doing your usual check for emulator updates like I have you
probably know the news by now. Shadow, one of the PCSX2 developers, has
posted some screenshots of PCSX2 running Final fantacy X in game.

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MTV Nominates Soundtracks

Consoles these days are capable of delivering extraordinary audio, but
it’s not an aspect every company pays attention to. When someone does,
as was the case with Katamari Damacy,
people pay attention. MTV is sort of honoring this ideal with their
‘Best Video Game Soundtrack’ award, part of their annual upcoming Video
Music Awards.

Read more here and here.

VGDJ: Episode #010

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
Aurora & Rayza take you on the road as OCRers from all over the
Greater Toronto Area (and Winnipeg and Boston) gather for the 2nd
Biannual OCR TORONTO meetup at the shittiest restaurant known to man.
Follow us as we bring you the sights and sounds of the local arcade and
our eventual baby and ethnic clapping-ridden journey to Centre Island.

Get it at

How not to have Square Enix make Chrono Break

Back at the Chrono Compendium, I’ve finished a 2000 word feature highlighting some of the methods of contacting SE that wont change anything, and I also provide SE’s mailing address as well as an example letter that actually does have a chance of helping to convince them to make a new Chrono game. Too long have fanboys been crapping up SE’s customer support with hateful e-mails, bad grammer and stupid ideas. If you’d like to see some of the worst examples, and check out how to actually help, it’s at .

analoq remix album featuring OCR talent

Today analoq released his remix album based on a 30 second original he wrote back in 2000.

Featuring: analoq, S|r_NutS, ArseAssassin, Dan Baranowsky, DarkeSword and DCT.
It’s available in mp3 and ogg, but analoq recommends getting the oggs
because most of the tracks blend into one another, and mp3s aren’t
sample accurate so there might be a click or gap between the tracks.
He wanted the tunes to be inseparable like in a good DJ
set rather than have ‘loose’ transitions like albums generally do,
so it is most definitely intended to be listened to all the way through.

OCR Link:

Doujin spotlight: Arrange Stream

The Japanese remix site Arrange Stream recently resumed its normal operation with the triumphant words “job hunt ended.”

Babelfish warning, as usual.

Arrange Stream keeps track of video game arrangements and originals from dozens of websites, such as OCR and VGMix, and posts the newest songs as they are released. Even tracks from and
have been known to show up once in a while. It’s a great way to stay up
to date with the Japanese remix scene, as well as get acquainted with
lots of great doujin music you otherwise would never have known about.

Highly recommended!

VGMix Redesign

“Hello, VGMixers!

“We have totally revamped the front page news display into an actual
news system. You are now able to comment on updates, and quite a few
users will be given the ability to post news articles to the front page
(under the Admins’ guidance, of course) — Turning this effectively
into a pseudo-weblog. Expect to see such things as videogame concerts,
events happening at other sites, gatherings of community members, and
other cool happenings posted here [the VGMix news module].

“I’m also taking this opportunity to announce the next big updates,
which are close to completion (along with many, many small fixes):

“Competition / collaborative project organization: We’ll be able to have
compos and projects as an official, integrated part of the site, with
voting and internal or external hosting all accounted for;

“User-based quality control: Let’s face it, we need to clean house.
Songs extraordinary in either extreme are going to be tagged by
consensus. There will be removals and there will be a panel-like
function, and the full machinery of the “RPG system” is going to grind
to life. Our aim is to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes or spiralling
into cronyism and popularity wars. It’s going to be some exciting

“Both things need more testing and fixing-up on my local machine,
then I’ll open it up on our testing server for admins. Once they give
the green light, both systems will go live — And there’s MUCH more to
do after that, too!

“Make sure to comment and tell us what you think, because it
actually does matter. I want us to have a site that people want to use.”


You can go here for more info:

and here, to report any bugs with the new system:

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Dwelling of Duels – Joke contest results

The latest Dwelling of Duels special competition is over, and the results are now available. The theme this time was to make a video game remix as humorous as possible (audio dramas were not eligible for this contest).
The theme of the regular July competition is Mario
games, with entries due on the 28th at 6 AM PST. And in case you missed
them, the results for the June 2005 DoD (a free month) can be found here.