Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2K6!

BOO! Now the competition we’ve all been waiting about a year for!

Welcome to the official Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2007!

The rules are simple. Remix any song allowed by AR standards [any anime
or cartoon] with a catch! The catch is, the song must be Halloween
themed! Think witches, vampires, black cats, loli vampire catgirl
witches, ghouls, ghosts, Xaleph, and goblins! We’ll save the sappy
stuff ’til Christmas >:D

I’m hoping to see people like Aktulua and Analoq back this year, and hopefully some new faces.

Oh right, and THE SONGS ARE DUE 11:59 OCTOBER 30TH [GMT to avoid timezone confusion] SO YOU HAVE A WHOLE MONTH! GL HF NEXTMAP

Here is the Anime ReMix thread

OverClocked ReMix added to MAGFest guest page

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to go to MAGFest 5 the weekend of January 7th, 2007 in Vienna, Virginia, we’ve got 1 more for you. Hot off the press!
“That’s right, OCR has been added to our guest page!
They’ll be present to chat about the site, remixing, and give us some
treats such as performances and prizes. They will also be unloading
some their newly printed shirts. Be sure to say hi to djpretzel and the
gang at M5!”

DJP, Larry Oiji, and zircon are the newests additions to a guest
list that already include people like: Xerol, Ailsean, virt, Shael
Riley, Richter, Xerol, MYSELF, and many many many many MANY MANYYYYY others!

Peter Jackson making new Halo

No…not the movie. A new Halo GAME. Yea, I WTF’d too. That, of course, has no bearing on how good or bad the game’ll be, of course, but it WON’T be Halo 3 nor the upcoming Halo RTS that’s being made by Ensemble Studios (of Age of Empires fame).

These are just a FEW of the announcements made at Microsoft’s keynote @ X06.
From slashdot:

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in its X06 Keynote today in Barcelona. The announcements are flying fast and furious: Ensemble studios is making a Halo RTS, and Peter Jackson is making a new Halo game (unrelated to Halo 3 or the RTS). The HD-DVD will be $200 in the U.S. with a release aimed at November of this year. They’ve got a good deal of 360 exclusive content including the next Splinter Cell and GTA IV Episodes, and (initially) Bioshock.
Bioshock will also be on Windows, of course. Windows is also the
platform on which Microsoft is announcing a new Massively Multiplayer
game from Cryptic Studios, a new super-hero MMOG based on Marvel
Comics’ IP: Marvel Universe Online.

Wave Theory: Live songs & Site Update

I had noticed this earlier, but AE has made a blog post about it now, so here’s the news:

WaveTheory (hip-hop/electronic band featuring such OCReMixers as AE, Digimatic, & J:/Drive) has recently updated their website [MySpace page] layout, and added a few live cuts of some of their songs.
From the blog post by AE:

Ya dead.

Current mood: dead

Category: dead Music

Site redesign.

Live songs up.

Album Due out on ??/??/06

Ya dead.


Uwe Boll Punches People in the Face

Notorious(ly bad) film director Uwe Boll recently challenged and fought several of his “harshest” critics, including Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka of, in an amateur boxing match in Vancouver.
The director invited 5 of his critics to Vancouver for the fight, and
actually fought 4 of them in the ring. He refused to fight the 5th
contender, however, for reasons unknown (some sources cite the fact
that the 5th critic had recieved professional boxing training, others
that the 5th was in fact a minor and Boll refused to fight him on those

You can read more about it HERE, or see a clip of the fight (along with some of Lowtax’s commentary) HERE.


VGDJ #58: Who the heck is BGC?

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

It’s an adventure in adjudication with judges and zircon and
pixietricks! OMG it’s true, our very own pixie is now one of the few,
the proud, the OCR judges – along with big giant circles, who we
managed to grab for a candid interview about week 1 of being a
shtyjudgfgt. But we haven’t forgotten our roots, no sir-ee! We’re in
full gear with three brand spankin’ new ReMix Reviews, including a clip
from mastah guitarist Sixto. Plus, the OCR compo scene has seen a bit
of a shocker for the first time in months, and even DrumUltimA brings
us some surprises in his meetup report. There’s even more, but it is up
to you to acquire Episode 058 and unlock the mystery yourself. Huzzah!



New Psilodump album,

One of my favorite electronic musicians, Psilodump, has just put a comment on my Myspace page telling me his new album “Never Heal” is out now!

Here is his myspace page with the creepy trailer video for his album, and 4 songs for you to listen to.

Here is his site, where you can preview and buy his album.

For those that don’t know, Psilodump is a very prolific indie electronic artist, and has netlabel releases all over the place, from Monotonik to Kahvi to 8bitpeoples. He has quite a wealth of free material out there for you to download, so go ahead and check it out! IDM/Glitch/Chip fans shouldn’t want to miss this! 🙂

Live Performers Database

A few weeks ago, GeoffreyTaucer had an idea: a database of live performers. Well, a few days later, it’s here.
The database is “simply” searchable at the moment, meaning you can type in any phrase and it will return anyone who has that exact phrase (not case-sensitive) in their “skills” section. There is also room to provide plenty of contact information, as well as room to list your preferred styles, a bit about yourself, and anything else you feel people would need to know.

Over the next few weeks we’ll creep new features in, like a messaging system, improved search, and a matching area where performers and composers can get together. Think of it as a matchmaking service for remixers.

More information:

  • List of all registered performers:
  • Account Registration:

Musical Telephone

So I had this idea a while back for a musical version of the party game “Telephone”. The first round of this game has started:
Signups are still open until we get near the end of the list, since it’ll take us a while to get down that far, but I don’t want to really exclude anyone immediately. Depending on how terrible this ends up, we might do a second round after it’s over.

Dwelling of the Chiptunes?

Below is a link that will hopefuly lead you to the first D.O.C.
compotetion or dwelling of the chiptunes hosted by none other than
local chiptune enthusiast Spamtron! The first round was somewhat short
notice and thus had a small turnout. However you can still vote for the
current songs that made it through :)! Votes are accepted untill
Saturday the 23rd of September at Midnight West Coast 3:am East Cost
time. You have 10 points to distribute however you wish for
original compositions and 5 points to distribute for cover songs. Make
your voice count and send your votes/submitions to guerinator [at]!
Enjoy listening to what made it this round and get pumped for round 2
which has just started and ends October 14th! Rules for the compotetion
can be found on the site itself. Basicaly, any hardwear/software that
has a nice retro chipy sound is welcomed! From 8-bit sqaure waves to
the 16-bit Fm sounds of the Sega Genesis! The focus here is not exact
specifications. Rather it’s on having fun and getting everyone a chance
to get involved! So dust off that tracker or whatever you have and get
creative. The more entiers the better. Let’s make this next one a D.O.C
to remember :)!

A big thanks in advance to everyone who participates in any fasion. Be
sure to drop by the temp Shizz Shelter forums and leave us some
comments if you can! If you do vote, try to vote fair :). Above all
enjoy listening and hopefuly making your own chip-tunes for round 2 and
beyond :)!