And the Winner Is… Remix64’s Remixer of the Year 2011 Awarded

Remix64‘s Remixer of the Year Awards 2011 was hosted today on SceneSat Radio with the first part of the show starting off with an extensive recap of 2011, showcasing top tracks of each month and scene happenings. With the second half featuring the actual award show, the results have been quite thrilling:

The first award Best Newcomer 2011 was awarded to SID legend Peter Clarke by Mordi, who had won the award in 2008.

Hazel won Best Veteran 2011, which was personally handed over by Makke, who was 2006s best veteran.

Daxx and Gibs won Best Amiga Remix for their collaboration on Lotus 3.

The price for Best c64 Remix was awarded to Warhawk (Halcón de la guerra mix) by scene veteran N-JOY. The award was presented by Andreas Wallström of It should be noted that Kate Z. would have actually won this category with her Tusker remix, if the votes for both versions (vocal / non vocal) had been combined.

Two Lifetime Achievement awards were awarded to Jan Lund Thomsen and Slaygon for their relentless service to the scene.

The prime price, Remixer Of The Year, was won by Rune-Bertil’s and presented by none other than o2, who was Remix64’s very first Remixer Of The Year, ten years ago in 2001.

The guestlist at Ziphoid’s once more crowded apartment was: Floaf, Mordi, Ceci, Andreas Wallström, o2, Arvid, Malmen, fnordpojk, Makke, Dafunk, Tron, a0d, BST, Gulrak, Herbaculum, Hazel, Uncle Tom, Sir Garbagetruck and Ziphoid.

We would like to congratulate those who made it on the lists this year and the winners of each award. Without such a great community, we would like to think that the VGM scene would surely falter from lack of support. Keep up the good work! If you missed the actual event, you can use SceneSat’s reLive feature to catch the show in its entirety. Remixer of the Year 2012 has also commenced, so don’t forget to vote. Here’s to hoping that next year’s show will be even more astounding!

Remix64’s Remixer of the Year Awards 2011 Scheduled to Air This Week

Awards, ho! Remix64‘s Remixer of the Year Awards 2011 is scheduled to air this Saturday, January 28th:

Yes, on January 28th, the Remixer of the Year Awards 2011 will be aired. The show will be hosted by SceneSat Radio and simulcast on SLAY Radio and Radio 6581 and to most certainty also on BitJam and Nectarine Demoscene Radio.

It will feature a bunch of well-known remixers and scene profiles to give you an evening of fun and great music and there will also be a live videofeed to give you a peek into what’s going on behind the microphones.

A live video-feed and well-known remixers?! We are definitely hooked. If you can’t sit around your computer that evening, we’ve got you covered. ThaSauce will be sure to post both updates and winners from the ROTY event. Be sure to check back to see who the winners for 2011 are! redesign time – designer needed!

Ziphoid posted on

During the summer, will be completely reworked and will
be based on a new engine instead of the current one. This gives the
obvious opportunity to not only change the background system, but also
the frontend into something new and fresh. Because I’m a coder and no
designer, I’d like some help in making it look kickass as well as I’ll
make it have a proper engine to run it on.

What is needed is a
nice and clean design, focusing on the Amiga in a retro or futuristic
way. The site will still be quite ‘shallow’ since it’ll only be a
listing of what tracks are available – apart from the submission system
– which means it shouldn’t be too hard to do this. I’m very fluent in
CSS + XHTML, so that won’t give any fuzz, but if any of you feel up for
helping out with the new design, please contact me here or via the
contact form on the site itself.

There really are no guidelines other than the above mentioned so the
design can pretty much be in any way you create it. Just think of it as
a big listing of remixes + some additional links and info and it’ll be
just fine. :) Also, make sure it’s doable without TOO much graphics involved, since we want it to be lightweight as well as good looking.

yes, I plan to make the site skinnable (which it actually is right now
as well, but I don’t use it) so more than one design can ‘win’ this.

When I get hold of something good as a prize, I’ll make sure to give that to the winning entry. :)

Go ahead – design like the wind!

// Ziph

Commodore Gaming PCs Now Available

From Remix64

London, April 23rd 2007:

“At 4pm today Commodore Gaming opened the virtual doors to their online store for the UK and Ireland, offering gamers in these countries the privilege to be amongst the first in the world to own one of the unique Commodore Gaming PCs. Commodore Gaming plans to roll out their cool gaming rigs across Europe in mid May, before the rest of the world.”

Read more below! There’s a link to the Commodore site in the article on Remix64.

“Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming, commented “This marks a new chapter in the history of Commodore, opening our webshop to offer great gaming PCs that are as unique as they are customizable. We’re extremely excited and proud to offer our range of exceptional gaming machines and since PC gaming and online gaming is about instant entertainment, this is what we intend to deliver with machines that will satisfy everyone from the casual gamer to the professional.”

The online store will be launching across Europe in mid May, alongside retail outlets in UK, Germany, France and the Benelux. Further details on retailers for European territories will be released shortly.

The online store will supply the higher specification models Commodore gx and Commodore xx, while the Commodore g and Commodore gs range will be made available in retail outlets. Commodore Gaming machines are priced competitively for such high spec components and hand-finished build quality:

·Commodore gx – £1759 (inc VAT)
·Commodore xx – £2899 (inc VAT)

(Above prices include buyers choice of C-kin case artwork)

Commodore Gaming has also confirmed that customers will be able to customise aspects of their gaming PC, offering a customized interior and exterior. All components can be selected to build a personal specification on each machine.

Commodore Gaming now offers over 100 unique ‘C-kins’ designs in their online store, each case being artistically painted using a patented dye process (unique to Commodore Gaming) and individually finished with a scratch proof surface usually reserved for the automotive industry.”

Remix64 Remixer Of The Year 2006 results in!

lman writes:
“During the ROTY 2006 show hosted by The Dutchies, the winners of the
Remixer Of The Year 2006 awards have been announced. Sebastian
Bachliñski alias moog won
a stunning 3 awards, that’s “Best c64 Remix”, “Best Newcomer” with a
tremendous majority, and the main award “Remixer Of The Year”, with
Dejan Subotin alias dafunk coming in a close second.”

“Last year’s big winner Makke won #1 for “Best Veteran”.

“Firefox’s “Sleepwalk” was voted for best Amiga remix.

“In the categoryRadio Personality Of The Year” Ziphoid managed to supersede Boz, who came in second this time.

“Please check out the full list, more winners there! Congratulations everyone! :-D

“Thanks go to the Dutchies for making a fantastic ROTY show, to the
staff for the voting analyses, and of course to all Remix64 voters as
well as the remixers, composers, radio hosts and everyone I forgot
who’re making it all possible. You’re a great community!!!”

New design unleashed

Finally, there’s some action going on over at and it shows by the release of a spanking new design.

Under the hood, some major reconstructions have been done as well, which will show a bit more in the near future.

The possibility to submit new remixes is still disabled but will be re-enabled within the upcoming week.

More info will follow shortly…

Amiga > PC = True

So, now it’s been scientifically determined that the Amiga CAN beat the PC fair and square.

In the combined demo competition on The Assembly 2006 last weekend, the Amiga demo Starstruck by The Black Lotus crushed the competition and outdid all the others, which were mostly PC demos.

TBL only made 3rd place in the BreakPoint 2006 competition and
became quite annoyed at that “bad” result and decided to show people
what they’re made of, and they surely did.

Some random comments about the demo from pouë

“Wheeeeyaaa!! This one is amazing!! Überdemo!”

“holy bananas.”

“Just as disappointed as I was over their Breakpoint’06 amiga demo, just as much in awe I am of this one …”

“No words for the best amiga demo I have ever seen!”

“I don’t know much about Amigas, but I presume this is rather awesome ;)”

“This demo rules….the soundtrack is AWESOME.”

“holy makrel, that’s one darn good demo! fuckings for humiliating the pc scene, louie :-)

“have someone seen my jaws I dropped them somewhere”

“Nice one. The fact that an Amiga demo wins the demo compo in 2006 is kind of hilarious. Way to go guys! Keep the Amiga alive!”

The soundtrack to the demo by Olof ‘Blaizer’ Gustafsson will be played during the show ‘On Air with Ziphoid’ on SLAY Radio this coming thursday as well.

Real Orchestra to perform famous c64 tunes

C64 Orchestra is a production of Micromusic Netherlands and ON (a
Netherlands-based organisation supporting computer/dance/audio/visual
culture). For this production, C64 Orchestra approached two of the most
experienced C64-users from the 1980s, Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. Some
of their greater works have been rewritten to be played by a classic

The compositions that they are going to play:

Rob Hubbard’s compositions:

Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid, Commando, International Karate

Jeroen Tel’s:

Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth, Supremacy

The tour is going to be in the Netherlands in September, specific dates will be posted on their website in due time.

Thanks for your time, hope you’re in the neighbourhood to check out the concert in September.

(News submitted by Bassie / RBi)

Source: Remix64