Mazedude releases The American Album, obtains OC ReMix spotlight

Mazedude‘s The American Album
is an album of 15 video game music arrangements of material exclusively
created by American video game music composers. The album is Mazedude’s
first, and was conceived as an alternative to the overwhelming
attention given to Japanese composers by video game music fans.
Having been released to the public weeks before its scheduled December
1 release date, the album also enjoyed a spotlight at OC ReMix
coinciding with the posting of the Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine ReMix “Slick Rippin Keen.” According to Mazedude, Slick Rippin Keen “has been acclaimed as the ‘catchiest’ track off the album,” arranging Bobby Prince’s “Make It Tighter.”

The album’s website features a feedback area
where, alongside fan commentary, several of the composers honored on
The American Album have already expressed their appreciation including
Jack Wall, Tommy Tallarico, Jeremy Soule & Peter McConnell, as well
as Doom lead designer John Romero, as it continues to pick up recognition.

In light of working on The American Album for over a
year and offering the finished product for free, Mazedude has solicited
for donations at any comfortable level from fans who enjoy the album.
Along with feedback, those can also be made via the album’s homepage.

VGDJ: Episode #027

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix: Magfests, and meet-ups, and PLAY!’s— oh my! Pixie’s got the giggles, Rayza’s got the boozies, and everybody knows that mugglecast is like SOOOOO OLD! Right? Listen closely for a couple very special cameos on this week’s episode, and enjoy the ride.

Get it at

Home Video Arcade Machines

Chinese manufacturer and marketer Big Electronic Games Limited is
soon to start selling 62-inch high authentic, stand-up arcade machines
(and tabletop ones too) with a Midway license. The available games
include Defender I + II, Joust, Rootbeer Tapper and eight other games.

arcade machine itself has a built in color monitor. Additional A/V
inputs allow other things (DVD, game systems, etc.) to be plugged in
and viewed on the monitor.

Oh, right. The best feature. YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY ANY QUARTERS!!!!!

Available End of November 2005 at Target chains!

Costs $500. (Or 2,000 quarters)

Doujin spotlight: Tequila

This time’s spotlight is OUTSIDER, the website of “Tequila.”
He’s got a lot of nice, mostly guitar-based arrangements from Ragnarok Online, Tales of Phantasia, and the Final Fantasy and Seiken Densetsu series. I personally recommend…well, pretty much all of it. Just check it out!

Also, this is my tenth news post. w00t! 😀

VGDJ: Episode #025

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
Rayza reveals his head attire eating fetish, blessing candy for all and
Rama’s microphone got eaten by the hurricane… all this and as always
ReMix Reviews, Russian ReMix Roulette and Cyan_Ide’s Compo Report on
this distortatisc 25th weekaversary show!

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iDoom for iPod

That’s not a joke, some team has ported original DOOM to the iPod.

Currently iDoom works on the following iPods:

  • iPod 1G (scroll wheel)
  • iPod 2G (touch wheel)
  • iPod 3G (disorientated keys)
  • iPod 4G (click wheel)
  • iPod Photo
  • iPod Color
  • iPod Mini (both versions)
  • iPod nano

For more info, screens, etc, etc. Check out the website @: