Triple Review!!! Benjamin Briggs, ProtoDome, and WillRock!

She’s done the normal single review, she’s possibly created the double review… what will Taylor Brown do next to top herself? Nothing but the logical evolution of this series. Much like how Pokémon Black and White introduced Triple Battles to the series, I shall now attempt to fuse the two into a new thing. And there’s nothing else to call it but… THE TRIPLE REVIEW!! And no, this is not just a hasty way for me to clear my backlog. Maybe. Regardless, in this edition I shall review Benjamin Brigg‘s Attention Deficit EP, released much earlier this year; ProtoDome‘s BLUENOISE, also from earlier this year; and WillRock‘s Refraction of a Dream. All three of these come from wacky people well-known around the community who are quite talented in their musical stylings, and much like fine wine have only improved with age. So, without further ado, I present to you… THE TRIPLE REVIEW!! Woohoo!


1. Too Soon – 4:06
Starts off pretty nice… nice rhythm. 0:17 brings in some more melodic parts. At 0:32, it all changes, and by 0:40 the main meat of the track kicks in. 0:55 brings a brief breakdown. 1:20 or so brings in a change with Mario fireball sounds keeping rhythm. Nice idea there, chth. It starts to come back together at about 1:58. Chippiness at around 2:20. The fireballs fade away at 2:30 or so. Another breakdown at 2:40 or so, followed by another buildup. 3:18 brings in a pretty cool effect that keeps the track going. Much like the title of the album, these instruments keep changing as rapidly as an ADHD kid’s focus of attention. Ends with racecar sounds.
2. Benji Needs A Lawyer – 3:47
OBJECTION! Oh wait, my bad. Starts off with the basic rhythm, and 0:16 brings in another layer intermittently until about 0:34 when another layer is added. 1:04 brings in the bass. 1:20 brings it all together. This is a good track; makes me start to move and groove. 1:48 brings in some nice chipchimes. Remember, I’m now using chip- as a prefix. Nice mixup at around the 2:10 mark, followed by a slight breakdown and solo at about 2:44. Chippy awesomeness right here. Breaks down at about 3:15 in preparation for the end. At 3:35, the end is definitely near.
3. Troll 4 Life – 3:51
The previous track flows right into this one. Nice chippy effects at 0:35 or so. Even cooler ones at 1:04. This track seems to be just a rhythm with random sound effects, which is fine by me. It proves me wrong at 1:31 with some melody. Johnny Bravo sampling at the 2 minute mark! Okay, this track is now about 500% more awesome. Solo at 2:32. Reminds me of the old Sonic tunes a bit. It starts to fade out at 3:20. Beavis and Butthead sampling at 3:40.
4. I Can Has This Dance? – 3:55
No, you can no has this dance, chth. But you can has a review! Great usage of sound effects again; in this case, it sounds like the Mario 3 death sounds, both the enemy and Mario’s sounds. The main melody slowly builds in the background until 1:07 when it explodes in awesomeness. 1:40 brings in another layer of instrumentation, and 1:48 throws one more on top. It’s a beautiful haunting melody, that almost reminds me of Lavender Town from the original Pokémon games. 3:04 brings a gradual fade, with the sounds of Mario coming back to the forefront.
5. Love The Game – 3:51
Starts out awesomely. Nice ambient howl-thing at about 0:24. Think I heard this same instrument in VVVVVV’s soundtrack. Breakdown at 0:54. Chipchimes in the background sound great. It all explodes at 1:32, bringing a much fuller soundscape. Slight breakdown at about 2:08. Buildup at 2:18, which explodes at 2:30 with singing. Is this chth himself? I think it is. Not too shabby, even though I think I heard a faint hint of autotune. More howl at 3:05. This heralds the final part of the song, which starts to fade out at 3:34.
6. I’m Nobody (feat. Cornelius Rawness) – 2:54
And now for the final track of this album, which starts out with rough and muffled chiprhythms. At about 0:20, singing comes in. It’s pretty good; I’m enjoying it, and the effects help it fit right into the atmosphere of the track. Great writing; not many songs use “codependency” in their lyrics. The main music is pretty good too; well done. 1:46 brings in Cornelius’ part. Nice usage of the Sonic sound effects. 2:24 brings the chorus back. “I’m nobody, I’m nobody, I’m nobody… at all…” Finale at 2:46. Great work, Ben!


1. Hello World. – 1:07
Atmospheric!! More atmosphere at 0:31. Nice finale at 0:57.
2. 9am Skies. – 2:21
Did I just start listening to an Animal Crossing song? 0:15 shows that I didn’t, with a mix of Proto’s chip mastery and jazz stylings. I don’t think anyone else could do chipjazz quite like ProtoDome. Nice melody. Slight breakdown at 1:18, and another 1:27. This is reminding of Pilotwings now. Another solo at 1:51. The end is near at 2:07.
3. Blueberry Jam! – 2:17
Nice rhythm to kick it off. 0:17 brings in more music. He really is jamming right here. No sign of blueberries, but this is a nice jam. 0:43 or so brings in a breakdown, which ends at 0:57. The chippiness of this song is epic. A change-up comes at 1:26 or so. Breakdown at 1:48 or so which heralds the end.
4. Bitmap_Blues. – 1:56
How many songs do you know of that use underscores in their titling? I can only think of this one and a few on Reanimation. Ooh, jazzy! This is soooooo 8-bit, I’m loving it. Nice work at 0:36. I want to play an NES game with this music. And just pause it so the music plays indefinitely. Nice solo at 1:20. The end is in sight at about 1:35.
5. Heat Death – 2:54
IT BURNS!! IT BURNS SO GOOD! If I died in a fire, this is what I’d want to hear in my last moments of consciousness. Nice job setting up the atmosphere. 0:30 brings in chippified vocal samples. Breakdown at about 0:58. This is such an ethereal track, it’s beautiful. Chipvox comes in again at 1:24. Beautiful breakdown at about 1:48. Changeup at 2:04, which seems to bring in more real instrumentation. Chips return at 2:34 to bring in the end.
6. Her #0000ff Eyes… – 2:54
I think that’s… blue? Bumpin’ bassline, Blake! Chips at 0:24. Slight breakdown at 0:55 or so. Bassline remains quite prominent, and a nice key solo here. More chippiness at 1:14. Nice solo at about 1:38. This song has me movin’ around while reviewing. The rhythm is infectious. 2:29 brings about the finale of the track.
7. Zero-G Lemonade. – 2:09
And now for the finale of the album. How would Zero-G Lemonade even work? Would you float around with it and drink the suspended lemonade particles? Ahem, back to the review. Nice instrumentation in this track. 0:44 brings in a vocal sample stating the track’s name. Hard to hear but it’s there. Nice piano parts interspersed throughout this song. 1:43 replays the chipvox. 1:55 heralds the end of the song, and thus the album.


1. Fatigued – 1:42
Ooh, ambient. I feel fatigued just listening. 0:27 brings in guitar reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Or at least, that’s how it sounds playing off the background music. Great work here, Will! 1:14 ends the guitar for a changeup that presumably sets the stage for the rest of the album.
2. Down The Rabbit-Hole – 2:24
Oooh, nice bassline. Nice chimes at 0:09. I like the increasing speed of the chimes, and how they stop at 0:30 for more ambience. OH GOD I’M FALLING INTO A HOLE!! A HOLE WITH WEIRD AMBIENT SOUNDS AND STUFF! Also weird voices at 1:09. This song is extremely weird; the visuals on my media player aren’t helping. I really feel like I just fell into another realm, one that is far different than our own. 2:08 brings in breathing. Not nearly as creepy as effects I’ve used before.
3. Pool Of Tears – 2:11
This album flows cohesively. Nice chimes and acoustic guitar. I’m glad that absurdity is over, fun as it was. Electric guitar at 0:33. Speed increases at 1:15 slightly before stopping seconds later. Bass picks up at 1:28. Nice rhythm at 1:48 that slows down as quickly as it starts. No doubt prepping the next track.
4. The Garden Waltz – 0:53
Kicks off immediately with what could be used as a game over effect. Waltz rhythm at 0:11. I never thought I’d hear Will make a waltz but hey. Should’ve been an epic guitar waltz. It ends suddenly at about 0:35.
5. The Caterpillar – 1:24
Bassline at 0:15. Building guitar that stops at 0:35 or so. Nice woodwind at 0:48 or so. Reminds me of Easton from the original Mario Land. The end comes quickly at about 1:16.
6. Tulgey Wood – 1:44
It flows right into this track that begins with piano. Slow, somber piano. It stops at 0:30 and replaces it with intermittent effects. Piano returns at 0:54 with a fuller soundscape. More effects at 1:22, straight from the ’80s. Chimes at 1:30 or so.
7. Lost – 1:44
It’s birdcussion! Piano kicks in almost right away with drums. Awesome guitar at 0:26 or so. Piano comes in at about 0:54, with woodwind shortly after. It ends at 1:40.
8. Don’t Step On The Mone Raths – 1:24
Will, it’s spelled “mome raths.” Eh, no matter. Trippy effect here. Is this the sound mome raths make when you step on them. This track is just full of ambience. It’s well done, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a lot of it.
9. Refractions Of A Dream – 2:06
Title track time!! This song is fuller than the previous, complete with synth rhythm almost right at the start. Guitar at 0:46. Guitar cuts out at 1:22 or so, only to be replaced by some more ambience. It slows down at 1:40 with more ambient sound effects. The last seconds set up the last track.
10. The Queen Of Hearts – 4:11
Nice rhythm to kick it off! Dramatic beat at 0:22. Chimes at to the rhythm, and 0:45 brings in chippy awesomeness!! Slight breakdown of the chippiness at 1:15 or so, only to return at 1:28 or so. This is a weird song, as it seems to end at 1:58, only to pick right back up. Screech at 2:14 brings the track to a halt. Guitar screech at 2:43. More trippiness follows. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on, but I’m a little scared. Seriously, great mind-trick performed by this track. Easton-esque woodwind rhythm comes in for a second, only to be replaced by ticking, and more ominous ambience. It ends at 4:08.

That… Well, I think the whole triple review thing worked out well. It was only 23 tracks, taking up a total playtime of less than an hour. First off, Ben’s album. I enjoyed it immensely, and it was a really fun listen. I hope that he comes out with more stuff like this in the future, because I loved it that much. As for Proto’s album BLUENOISE, it was more of the same from him. But that’s a very good thing, since it was full of really nice tracks that showcased his abilities with the chiptune style of music. Also, the track names were awesome. Lastly, Will’s album. It was… well, I’ll be blunt and say it was the weirdest album I have ever listened to, one I never thought I’d ever hear, and one that I don’t think will ever have anything even remotely similar to it. It really did mess with my mind a little, but you know what? That’s okay. The song titles obviously allude to Wonderland, and with that connection, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Excellent work, Will!
In conclusion, these three albums have been out for quite some time now, waiting to be heard, waiting to be reviewed. And it wasn’t until now that I decided I would review them. Now that I have listened to them and reviewed them, I’m happy that I did. All three showcase the artist’s talents. In Ben’s case, it’s paying homage to the classic games of yesteryear, when the technology on the system only allowed very few simultaneous sounds. For ProtoDome, it’s his talent to just keep creating wonderful music in styles he’s quite skilled with. And in Will’s case, it’s his talent to just create something off the wall, so outside the box it’s kilometres away. I think that’s what they use in Britain. Anyways, all three demonstrated that what they do, they do well. And it’s my sincere hope that they continue to do so in the future. I’ll be uploading new reviews every day this week, so stay tuned. And until next time, game on!!

Zircon has left the building?

Due to extenuating circumstances, Zircon has left his position as co-host of VGDJ. The podcast is not officially dead yet, but Pixietricks is not currently looking for a replacement co-host at this time. Essentially the show will be on indefinite hiatus until we hear otherwise. However, don’t get your hopes up. Sorry folks. 🙁

You can read Zircon’s news post with an explanation for what happened at Best of luck to both Zircon and Pixietricks from us here at ThaSauce.

VGDJ #62: Return of the

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Uh oh, pixietricks is missing! What is a zircon to do? Why, call upon
an old friend that longtime listeners of our show should remember;
Fusion2004! If you’re not familiar, he runs his own radio show about
video game music and is the main coder for ThaSauce (which in and of
itself is about video games and VGM). We figured he’d make a fine guest
host while our dear pixietricks attends to all matters Peabodian. So,
ladies, enjoy this male-only foray into the wonderful world of OCR
while you can! And if two male hosts aren’t enough, all three (male)
minihosts are back on board too 😉 Mmm.. testosterone.



VGDJ #61 – Triple Trouble

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

video games? Video game music? Umm, like, that’s SOOO dorky! But we
don’t care! Even though djpretzel and Rama have been lazing around,
we’ve been joined by a special guest to spice things up; it’s Doug
“DrumUltimA” Perry! And not just on a short segment either.

“He’s here
to assist us with every aspect of Episode 061, from the remix roulette,
to MAGFest coverage, to our new Halloween Cosplay Contest. YEP!
Surely you didn’t think we’d let all of you steadfast video game fans
go more than a week without giving you more chances to win some more
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VGDJ #59

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

doth the end of September bring for VGDJ? Seek, and ye shall find.. [click read more ;-)]

doth the end of September bring for VGDJ? Seek, and ye shall find…
Episode 059. This show may be one of our shortest in recent times (less
than 30mb!), but we’ve still got your wacky, weekly hookup to the OCR
community. The compo scene is finally heating up, we get to talk about
our friends the tentacles again (though, in a slightly different way),
and perhaps most notably, we have a new contest giving away some newly
printed OCR shirts/hoodies! What’s it about, you ask? Why, download the
show, and hear for yourself.


Show (MP3)


VGDJ #58: Who the heck is BGC?

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

It’s an adventure in adjudication with judges and zircon and
pixietricks! OMG it’s true, our very own pixie is now one of the few,
the proud, the OCR judges – along with big giant circles, who we
managed to grab for a candid interview about week 1 of being a
shtyjudgfgt. But we haven’t forgotten our roots, no sir-ee! We’re in
full gear with three brand spankin’ new ReMix Reviews, including a clip
from mastah guitarist Sixto. Plus, the OCR compo scene has seen a bit
of a shocker for the first time in months, and even DrumUltimA brings
us some surprises in his meetup report. There’s even more, but it is up
to you to acquire Episode 058 and unlock the mystery yourself. Huzzah!



VGDJ: Episode #056

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

VGDJ on Saturday? Yep, this ain’t no joke – this is our new release
schedule. How’s that for a nice weekend surprise? Anyway, it’s a cookie
feeding frenzy on Episode 056 as the OCR community’s momentum
continues. We’ve got new reviews, reports, a very somber Russian ReMix
Roulette, and the Dwelling of Duels hookup, to name just a few! Not
only that, but you’ll also discover the secret ingredient
that powers every great ReMixer, the true origins of “zircon” and
“pixietricks”, and what will undoubtedly be the greatest pickup line
you will ever hear. Download, and be merry!
[00:00] One must truly appreciate what is undoubtedly the greatest marketing idea of our time.
Enter VGDJ, stage left. Wait, Saturday? Huh? If you’re reading this
you’ve surely noticed our schedule has changed in a way that should
better accomodate both you, our loyal listeners, as well as us.
[03:15] We don’t need proxy voting to stay high on the PodcastAlley charts! Show those forum meanies that we mean business and keep on giving us your legit votes.
[04:29] The Rama Re-oops,
maybe not this week. Buuuut we do have our own little announcement to
make. Listen in to the next episode of “The Next Level” on GameMusicRadio, cause we’re gonna be interviewed on there!
[06:36] ReMix Review: Final DoomMilagro Del Demonio‘ by TO
… Yay for Aussies! TO seems incapable of dropping a groove that ISN’T
catchy, and the Doom soundtracks are really suited for his style. Like
his Raptor mix,
it certainly wouldn’t have hurt to have an extra instrument or two in
there; but even considering that small quibble, this is still Hott
[09:36] ReMix Review: Star Ocean: The Second StoryInto Your Kamikaze‘ by blizihizake
/ Blake Perdue … Like Darkesword, chthonic, and Tyler Heath,
blizihizake is one of the few mixers left using exclusively free
samples. Yet even with that handicap, he managed to create an
incredibly intricate orchestral mix with great dynamics and a great
arrangement. He said his goal was to prove that he could write an
orchestral ReMix that wasn’t “boring”. Suffice it to say, we think he
[12:49] The Compo Report: PRC, TOMC, and FLMC.
m/ m/ – That’s right. Those are “the horns”, poorly represented to
the best of zircon’s ability, in ASCII. And you’re gonna need ’em if
you plan on listening to or participating in Dwelling of Duels.
DoD is a monthly ReMix competition that many OCReMixers participate in,
and it’s based around live instruments. If you’re just not getting your
daily recommended dosage of ROCK from OCR, than you gotta check DoD
out. Don’t take our word for it though…
[15:41] Goemon’s Great Adventure ‘Devil’s Heaven‘ by SnappleMan (DoD June winning entry)
[17:37] Nooooo, GrayLightning!
;_; Our beloved judge, moderator, and new age/orchestral ReMixer has
said goodbye to OCR and moved on to a professional, full time career in
music. And while no one can fill the gap that he left, it is of some
comfort that zyko
has sorted out things in his personal life and has made return to OCR
and the judge’s panel. We hope that will also translate to new ReMixes,
now that he has some free time. With these changes, what can we expect
to see next? Perhaps Wingless making a triumphant return? … well,
maybe not…
[19:59] The Meetup Report: OCR Toronto, tentative Pittsburgh, PA meetup, tentative Australia QLD meetup, Video Games Live in LA meetup, an additional planned Seattle meet, and Shael Riley NYC concert.
[23:37] Russian ReMix Roulette:
WEEK ONE of the Campaign to Keep the RRR Alive (or CKRRRA for short)
has begun. We will not idly sit by and watch our Roulette be
heartlessly dismantled piece by piece. djp, you monster! A fitting mix
was selected to represent our noble cause – Final Fantasy 7Fight On‘ by CarboHydroM.
Nothin’ like a glass of water to sip while your hosts discuss the
merits of eating VGDJ Brand ReMixing Fuel, their ReMixer handles, Hot
Pockets, zircon’s incredibly smooth and obviously effective pickup
line, which is so powerful that it cannot be written down in any form,
and more. Good times.
Will pixietricks be swayed by the irresistable charm of Kuroikaze’s
pickup line? Will Rama ever consistently submit a report? Why did we
say Cyan_Ide’s recording was good when it was actually worse than
usual? Find out, on the next episode of DRAGONBALL Z! Err, VGDJ. And to
pass the time while you’re waiting, visit our OCR thread, Cafepress store, and photo album. Oh, and voting for us at to keep us in the top 10 of ALL podcasts wouldn’t hurt either.
[41:02] VOICEMAIL: Kento, Fragment, Salty, DJAnubis, Fragment again, and Peter.
[44:40] [stinger]

– “Castle” from the Disgaea OST
– Donkey Kong Country ‘Arboreal Ascent’ by smh
– “The Tragic Prince” from the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST
– “Mystic Eyes (TV Edit)” by from The Vision of Escaflowne- Lovers Only soundtrack
– Raptor ‘PlectraSubCity’ by The Orichalcon
– “Love & Peace & Katamari Damacy” from the Me and My Katamari OST
– “One Tip March” from the Me and My Katamari OST
– “Do Re Mi Katamari Do” from the Me and My Katamari OST
– Tetris ‘McVaffe Quasi UltiMix’ by McVaffe
– ToeJam & Earl ‘James Brown in Space’ by djpretzel
– Final Fantasy 7 ‘Shadows Among the Ruins’ by zircon
– Sonic 2 ‘Strip Mine’ by Beatdrop
– Xenogears ‘Skyline’ by Ziwtra

VGDJ: Episode #055


“This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Care for a spot of tea? No? Then perhaps OCR’s 1500th remix will
strike your fancy. That’s right: #1500 has finally been released, which
means that not only is VGDJ back in action, but the community has
picked up steam as well.
We’ve got the inside scoop on this latest wave
of site changes, along with a full compliment of reports, reviews,
voicemails, and all that good stuff. Listen as your beloved hosts brave
Baltimore’s fiercest tropical storm, turning rain into fair English
skies. Plus a stinger we think will truly move you… to tears! >:) What a lovely day for a stroll in Episode 055, wouldn’t you agree, my deah?”

Also, it’s a new month, so make sure to vote!

VGDJ wants YOU to…

From the VGDJ website, “Ten hut! General Zircon and Admiral Pixietricks here. The campaign has begun, and we’re looking for a few good
men (and women).”

“Soooo… to advance our cause, we have recorded a televised, technicolor broadcast for viewing on your home computer. Do your civic duty this month, and follow this link. VGDJ out!

P.S. You’ll need to download the latest version of Quicktime (7.0) to
view this movie. RealPlayer and/or VLC are also options.”

VGDJ: Episode #054

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

21st, 2006: it has been a dark weekend for OverClocked ReMix… the
forums have been down for 72 hours now, our ReMix rations are running
low, and not a pretzel in sight. There are even whispers among the
forum members about mutiny. However, it’s still smooth sailing at the
U.S.S. VGDJ! The full crew is back on duty for this episode, from
captains zircon and pixietricks to SgtRama, brigadier of the poop deck.
We’ve loaded the cannons with two new ReMix Reviews, and we’re on
course for a voyage through site projects. So dust off your peg leg and
pilfer a parrot: Episode 054 AHOY!
* Note: As of this writing, the
OCR forums have been down for about three days now, so we can’t link to
any threads there. When the forums are restored, we’ll update the
shownotes with all the appropriate links. Sorry!

[00:00] Does djpretzel, in fact, have “it” going on? You decide!

[01:10] Step
aside, pixietricks. zircon’s vocal prowess is not to be ignored.
Anyway! Things have simmered down around these parts, and so we’re back
to our normal audio format. Three cheers for pixietricks for the insane
amount of work she did putting together last week’s show, and a special
thanks to listener Kroze who assisted in encoding it.

We’re considering setting up a donation method due to our continued
influx of new listeners (we may break 1TB in bandwidth this month) …
if you have any suggestions or comments about this, feel free to pop us
an email about it at [email protected] . In the meantime, you can
support us for free by spreading the word through our Cafepress store merchandise.

[06:02] Toss us a vote on podcastalley
as you kick back and enjoy the episode. We’re still rocking the
Music/Radio category, but it’s all thanks to you guys, so keep it up!

[06:43] The Rama Report: News straight from ThaSauce: An Ocarina of Time remix project has been started by Nario and Link12548 of VGmix. Two new arbiters were added to ReMix: ThaSauce, community members EazyP and Cerrax. MagiNinjA has revamped the website for the OrmGas Remix Project. Finally, the joke Duck Hunt remix project “Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation” (RoFL) has been rereleased.

[10:32] It’s the Rama Club theme!

[10:39] ReMix Review: From Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: ‘I Don’t Fight Boys‘ by Malcos, Red Tailed Fox
… Now, as you may know from previous episodes, we’re not so great at
math here at VGDJ. But we do know this much; two veteran remixers + one
good source tune = slick, jazzy hotness. All right, so it had a
Garageband drumloop in there, but that’s definitely no reason to pass
up on this awesome collab effort.

[13:50] ReMix Review: From Tetris: ‘Thirty-Plus Mix‘ by R3FORGED
… Tetris and techno? Well, it might not be the most shocking
combination around, but newcomer R3FORGED takes the concept and raises
the bar with this badass trance ReMix of the often-overlooked B theme.
The ReMixer himself was kind enough to leave us with his thoughts on
the mix and give us the skinny on how the funk he produces his tunes.

[18:41] The Compo Report: PRC, TOMC, and FLMC.

[20:26] SEGA!

Ah, the not-so-elusive OCR Site Project. Apparently, it’s mating season
for ReMix projects as there are more of them than ever before – at
least ten currently that are well underway. Since it would take a whole
show to go into each and every one, we picked out some of the
highlights. We touched on Project Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic
& Knuckles), Summoning of Spirits (Tales of Phantasia, Tales of
Symphonia), Milkyway Wishes (Kirby Superstar), and Children of Edrick
(Dragon Warrior 1-3), all of which are shaping up to be very good.

that have just gotten started can be tracked at the ReQuests forum – if
you’re interested in participating, this is the stage where you can hop
in. All projects that have significant progress are located in the Site
Projects forum.

lol omg secrets revealed! zircon divulges a few choice details about
the status of the FF7 ReMix project that he has been directing. A VGDJ
exclusive. 😉

[28:20] The Meetup Report:
What a dedicated minihost. DrumUltimA manages to give us a report even
though he’s on vacation! First up on the list of meetups is Shael Riley
Live, which will be on September 21st at Fat Baby in New York City. The
concert is at 9PM, but there will also be a traditional meetup the day
after at Shael’s house. Next is a barbeque hosted by Xerol at his
residence in Timonium, MD on August 25th and 27th. Lastly, OverCoat is
planning two meetups; one at the Penny Arcade Expo in Bellevue, WA on August 25th-27th, and another (a picnic) on September 2nd in Seattle.

[32:08] Russian ReMix Roulette:
After briefly poking fun at the names of various ReMixers, we get right
down to business. pixietricks elects to spit the die this week (as per
the requests of our undying legion of fans), selecting a tune that is
very dear to the both of us; GrayLightning‘s ‘Chasing the Phoenix‘, from Xenogears.

[41:37] zircon and pixietricks yearn for the glory days of OCR, where men were men and ReMix titles were totally awesome. Then, has the tale of McVaffe’s alter egos really been forgotten so quickly? zircon thinks not.

[46:00] Oh LES! You’re our hero. You give us so much, yet ask for so little. <3 [46:27] This is among the things you didn’t ask for. [47:02] OK kids, we think that’s been enough of zircon singing for one show. Since we don’t have a special ep coming up next week (OR DO WE?) we’re gonna take this opportunity to just relax. Anyway, vote for us at, check out the Cafepress store, and gaze upon our lovely visages at our photo album. Until next week, this has been… vuhguhdihjh.

[49:35] VOICEMAIL: Max & friends, jdproject, DJAnubis, Fragment, Samuel L. Jackson, BlackMage, and Snooper_1989.

[53:57] [stinger]