ALTER EGO – Album by TWEEX on sale for only $5.99!

Alter Ego by tweek
tweek posted on OverClocked ReMix:

From July 31st to August 14th, Alter Ego will be available for purchase for $5.99 through the Tweex Music Store. You will receive nearly an hour of original music by Tweex in a CD Quality WAV format with all Album Artwork!

If you would like to learn more about Alter Ego and listen to samples, then go to the DISCOGRAPHY page.

If you’re ready to purchase, go straight to the TWEEX MUSIC STORE and place your order.

All orders are handled through PayPal, so you are 100% secure in any transaction you make!
If you would like a hard copy of the album, CD Baby still has a few copies in stock and you can purchase the album through them!

This promotion won’t last for long so be sure to act NOW!

Nekofrog presents: The Agony of Man ALBUM PREVIEW

Fricken Metal, Bro

Nekofrog posted on OverClocked ReMix:

My debut album is nearing completion, but for a few reasons that cannot be revealed here, it will be some months before it finally sees an official release. Until then, I figured I’d throw up a preview of what’s to come. This preview consists of two fully completed (length-wise) songs, and one abbreviated song.

Entitled “The Agony of Man”, this album features a trilogy of songs depicting the birth, life, and death of a man, detailing the major events that define his tragic life. It also spans various different genres of metal, including thrash metal, progressive metal, death metal, melo-death, and many others.

Track 1: This song is entitled “Overdose”, and is unrelated to the trilogy. Some of the other musicians that I’ve shown the project to have described this song as progressive/melodic death metal, however it lacks any type of vocals. So if you’re one of those types who likes the guitar of melodic or progressive death metal but can’t get past the cookie monster vocals, this is probably right up your ally.

Track 2: This song is entitled “The Funeral”, and is the middle part of the aforementioned trilogy. It details the death and laying to rest of the man’s wife, and his regret at having ever met her and inadvertently causing her death. EMO FAGGOT. Vocals (yes, this song has vocals) were recorded by DrumUltima of, derp, OCR fame.

Track 3: This song is entitled “Descent”, and is unrelated to the trilogy. This song takes elements from thrash metal more than anything, with some fast riffing near the fadeout. This track is going to be a doozy when the full thing is unleashed 🙂

In the coming months, a few more tunes might be “leaked” up until the album’s final release. Thanks for listening, I’d appreciate some comments if you enjoyed it, or otherwise.

Radio ThaSauce Live – Returns!!

Yes, tomorrow night, at precisely 10pm, Radio ThaSauce Live makes it return after six week hiatus due to moving, adjustments, and Otakon! I’ll be bringing the phat beats, so strap yourself in, and hang on tight!

A lot has happened since the last time I did the show, and hopefully I’ll be able to cover it all, but we’ll see. Friday’s show has no time limit, normally it runs two hours long, however, I’m not going to set a limit on this particular show, so please, just show up and enjoy!
To view the show, go here:

— By the way, I do take requests. They can be made via IRC (on EnterTheGame) in channel #thasauce before and during the show. If you can’t get on IRC, please make your requests via PM on these forums, or in the chat via the radio show’s web page.

A few things of note, I’m going to be putting together a dedicated web site just for the radio show itself. I believe there is an embed code that I can copy into my code for the site so that everyone can just go there and chat and listen to the show. I will once again attempt to use the web cam for the show, however, if there are issues with the feed (there were last time), I won’t use it after this point. But, it was a good idea, right? Anyway, web site forthcoming, and listen to the show tomorrow night!


Nerdapalooza Highlights Video

The Grammar Club

Z poster on Hipster, Please!:

I’m really trying to stop rambling on about Nerdapalooza, as I understand that it’s sort of asinine for me to do so. I mean, I wasn’t even there!

Still, I think this is just a little too interesting not to pass along. It’s an event recap by Corey Clark that my boy MadHatter turned me on to. 

It features music by Schaffer the Darklord, performance clips from The Grammar Club, The Megas, MCs Frontalot and Lars, and some great interview snippets with the fans, performers and organizers. Give it a look-see. Then be sure to rate, comment and/or pass it on.


Bad Dudes – Chronotorious album available for preview and pre-order


genoboost posted on GM4A:

Watch out! The Bad Dudes are back! And badder than ever! No that’s ridiculous, they are already the baddest dudes. Anyway, they have very recently announced that their upcoming tribute to the amazing classic Chrono Trigger, awesomely titles Chronotorious is available for pre-order.

Not only that, but if you click on “albums/eps” and then click on the Chronotorious album, then hit tracks, you can preview all the songs from the album! But you can only get five of those tracks on the official pressed album release. Danimal cannon of the Bad Dudes and Armcannon fame personally describes these songs as “bad-fucking-ass” and you don’t argue with a bad dude who’s last name is Cannon.

Also if you pre-order the album now, the album will only cost you $10, this will rise to $12 come August 18th, not to mention that the album also comes with a sweet poster. Oh, and did I mention they are only making 1000 albums! So don’t drag your feet, I already pre-ordered my copy, so realistically there are only 999 left at most!

And finally, for the artistic types in the crowd, Bad Dudes are also holding a music video contest. So for any would be directors out there, you can try your hand at making a video for the Dhsu vs. Mustin – B.A.M.F. (Radio Edit) track. And for anyone else, you can just download the radio edit track and wait in anticipation of this sure to be amazing album!

New Armcannon album onsale now – previews available

ArmCannon: Return of the Attack of the Legend of PizzorFrom ArmCannon’s MySpace:

Cost = $12 plus shipping
go to or CLICK HERE to buy

This is it.  The sequel.  The duece.   This is Armcannon 2: The Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor.  If you’re wondering who Pizzor is, you’d best be searching through some previous Armcannon media for a history lesson.

We’re probably going to be referring to this as “Two” or “Pizzor” for the sake of brevity.

In February of this year, we entered Watchmen Studios for a few weeks to churn out this slice of delicious terror and we’re quite pleased with the results.   Watchmen Studios recently put out the newest (and previous) Psyopus record, along with the new Brutal Truth.   With engineer Doug White at the helm we cranked out 11 new Armcannon glory anthems to celebrate our roots. 

Now, the 11 million dollar question.   What songs did we include?


Power Rangers
Mario World Castle
Super Mario 2
Megaman 2 Wily Stage
Hulk Hogan/Shawn Michaels themes
Kid Icarus
Megaman 2 Crashman
Castlevania 3

You’re probably wondering: “When can I listen to these?”.   The answer is SOON.   At a date not yet determined, we will be posting the album online for sale.   When we do this, I will put every track on myspace (I’m pretty sure myspace will let me do this) for 3 days so you can hear the album in its whole glory.    So anyways, stay tuned folks!

<3<3<3 - Armcrizzle

Saria’s Song/Lost Woods get a ragtime jazz treatment

I happened to come across this video through the Zelda Universe. This is (what I think) a fantastic version of Lost Woods/Saria’s Song from the Ocarina of Time. For the musically minded the video also contains what bars are being played, which is a nice addition for those concerned. If you have fond memories of OoT please have a look at this, it sounds fantastic and you won’t regret it.

In the last few days the writer of these has done a few versions of the Song of Storms which are very much worth a look as well.

Youtube channel: kentokhromatic

Weezer – The 8 bit Album compilation release

8-bit Weezer

From GM4A

For most folks growing up with the NES, SNES, gameboy, and other classic consoles of the current chiptune era, another staple in our lives was good old 90’s rock. One such band was the ever amazing and often nerdy Weezer. In this vein, Pterodactyl Squad has organized, and finally released Weezer – The 8 bit Album compilation

…which as the title states, is an album “created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal ‘one man and his Game Boy’ compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances.”. The album is 14 covers by no less than the finest in chiptune music today.

I along with many others have been really looking forward to this tribute album, and very excited to have it released. The album is great even if you aren’t familiar with every Weezer song on the album, or if you don’t recognize the chippy artists paying tribute to them! As with all Pterodactyl Squad releases the album is free to download, so head to right now and check it out!
Check out the full tracklist below!

1. Island In The Sun (Belmont’s Revisal) – videogame orchestra
2. Holiday – Anamanaguchi
3. El Scorcho – Tugboat
4. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here – Bit Shifter
5. You Won’t Get With Me Tonight – PDF Format
6. Hash Pipe – seal of quality
7. In The Garage – OxygenStar
8. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly – 🙁
9. We Are All On Drugs – Rabato
10. Jamie – Unicorn Dream Attack
11. Come To My Pod – Mahamajama
12. Why Bother? – I Fight Dragons
13. Buddy Holly – nordloef
14. I Do – arcadecoma.

I too have been waiting for this since it was first announced and I advise everyone, fans of both chiptunes AND fans of Weezer, to go get it out immediately!

Mutherpluckin’ B Releases 8-Bit Democracy Capitalist Edition

8-bit Democracy
The Capitalist Edition of Mutherpluckin’ B’s latest VGM funk rock opus, “8-Bit Democracy”, is now available to order.  For just $7 you can get the CDR with color fold-out artwork and two new, exclusive tracks not available on the free Socialist Edition.

If you enjoyed his remixes on R:TS, stop by Mutherpluckin’ B’s site to place your order.   Be sure to check out his other albums as well!

Donations and you.

Nerdapalooza reminded me of something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have never been able to do much of: PROMOTE. We got 1 run of shirts made, I got some cheap flyers and DVD cases to make stuff happen, but the funds just weren’t there to make any serious promotion.

So this year, if at all possible, I want to be as ready for MAGFest as possible, and while adsense really isn’t going to get us all the way where we want to be, it’ll certainly help a bit. BUT WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?

You’ll notice R:TS now has a DONATION button, as well. We graciously accept all donations, BUT depending on HOW much you donate,you can get some TOTALLY sweet stuff.

  • $5 = ALL OF R:TS + More – R:TS doesn’t have torrents…yet (though someone did put up a torrent awhile back on TPB). So with a donation of $5 or more we’ll mail you a super snazzy DVD with all the R:TS mixes (as of July 10th), as well as some unreleased MAGFest video and some other cool stuff.
  • $25 = ALL OF R:TS + a shirt, bro – The initial run of shirts sold out…pretty much immediately, and those lucky few who got them should know that shirt is pretty much a collector’s item now, because the next run of shirts will be TOTALLY different. Now, I can’t promise you a shirt right away, because we don’t have them, and I can’t afford them right now, HOWEVER the next shipment of shirts has been designed, picked out, and are ready to be ordered. I hope to have them by MAGFest, and with a donation of $25 I absolutely GUARANTEE you will get a shirt as soon as they are availible. This means as soon as I get the BRAND NEW (totally snazzy) ThaSauce shirts with the all new logo design, you will be THE FIRST to recieve one, before they even go on sale.
  • $25+ = All of R:TS, a shirt, AND unconditional love – I already love you all. To everyone that’s stuck with us from the beginning THANKS A BILLION, and I really don’t like to play favorites…but I will. Money talks, people.
  • $100+ = All of R:TS, a shirt, unconditional love AND n00dz. – ’nuff said.