OC ReMix Special on NEW Groove Bias Drum Library!

Special offer for OCR members only! $10 off and $10 of each sale gets donated to the site! Click here to get the Kontakt 2/EXS/Halion version, and here for the Reason version.

I’m proud to announce that the newest Impact Soundworks sample library, Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds, is officially available at a special price for OC ReMix members! Not only arebustatunez and I offering this sound collection at a discount, but for every copy we sell we’ll donate $10 to OCR.

Just remember to use the purchase links in THIS POST. We’ve spent over half a year working on this collection and we’re really proud of the final result – but don’t take our word for it… read on for more info + demos.

The goal of this project was to create a set of deeply sampled acoustic drumkits inspired by classic 50s, 60s and 70s records and the timeless breakbeats we all know and love. For decades, these sounds have been imitated and sampled over and over, but many producers have preferred to try and capture old kits with pristine, modern recording methods. Not so with this library. Our motto was “the more tubes, the better,” and we armed ourselves to the teeth with beat-up mics, analog gear, vintage drums and tape machines.

Key Features:

* Three custom drum kits and a set of percussion recorded at three separate studios
* Only classic kits, gear, mics and techniques used for a true vintage sound.
* 3,500 samples (4gb) of unlocked audio content for your editing pleasure.
* Recorded into Pro Tools|HD in 24/96 format (16/44.1 for NNXT)
* Intensive sampling – a minimum of 5 RRs and 5 velos per kit part, up to 10 RRs and 16 velos!
* Full kit patches AND individual components so you can construct your own Frankenstein kits.
* Custom scripted patches for Kontakt and combis in NN-XT.
* Intuitive GM mapping for compatibility with any project or MIDI.
* Simplified mixing; designed with a great sound right out of the box.
* Additional overhead/room patches for user-controllable ambiance.
* A total of five snares, four kicks, nine toms, three hats (closed, loose, open, pedal), two rides, two crashes, two splashes, two rims, handclaps, tambourine, shaker, agogo, bongos, woodblocks, cowbell and triangle!

A little about the kits…

“Superfreak” (Milkboy Studios, Ardmore, PA) – As the name suggests, most of this 60s Ludwig ‘Silver Comet’ kit is rumored to have originally belonged to a certain funk music icon. The drums were recorded using high-end ribbon mics into an all-analog signal path, most notably a 70s Neve console with a few busted channels and lots of character. Outboard processors in the chain included gear by Empirical Labs, Tube-Tech, and Anthony DeMaria Labs. The saturation present on the higher velocities of some of the sounds, like the kick and snare, came solely from high gain running through all the tubes; no overdrive, distortion, or compressor saturation was applied! 

“Tape” (The Audio Lab, Milville, NJ) – This one was a real hybrid, the centerpiece being a 30s Ludwig Pioneer Black Beauty snare. The kicks and toms were Tamburo original series, along with an extra 22″ Tama kick. Our hats, cymbals and rides were a mishmash of faded, junked up old metal… just what we wanted. Everything in the kit was recorded through an analog signal path then finally to an authentic, 24-track Otari tape machine before being dumped into Pro Tools. Mics used for this kit ranged in age and manufacturer. Various workhorse mics from EV, Sennheiser, Shure and Audix were used throughout, and to get the trashy, crunchy room sound, we used a trashy 70s General Electric cassette recorder mic along with an RCA SK-30. 

“Herodotus” (Real Music Media, Minneapolis, MN)) – John Gump (a.k.a. KVRAudio member Herodotus) recorded this drum set, which is the same make and model as Cream drummer Ginger Baker’s drums! Mics used were a pair of Neumann KM-184s and Sennheiser 441s plus a Royer R-121. All of this went into some serious outboard gear like a classic UA 1176, Manley Labs VOXBOX, UA 2-610S and Manley Vari-Mu before finally going to a TASCAM reel-to-reel tape machine to seal the deal.

You can purchase Groove Bias today for a special OCR price of $89 (KT/Hal/EXS) or $79 (NNXT) via PayPal: make sure to use these links as they’re for OCR members only!

Purchase -> Kontakt/EXS-24/Halion Version

Purchase -> Reason Version

10% of each sale will be donated to OCR! You’ll receive your download link within 24 hours (usually much faster.) While you’re waiting, check out the PDF product manual and the video/audio demos below!

Live Performance Video Demo (produced by Brandon Bush)

Jake Kaufman – “Slap Them Skins” / Drums Only (classic 60s funk)

Brandon Bush – “Spies Like Us” (Spy Hunter remix) / Drums Only (secret agent funk)

Andrew Aversa – “Ragol Weather” / Drums Only (synth/jazz fusion)

Andrew Aversa – “Acoustic DNB”

Virt (Jake Kaufman) – “World’s Most Wanted Wiener” (GB Edit) (MJ-style funk)

tefnek – “Big n’ Nasty” (big beat)

ps. Thanks to pixietricks for the Groove Bias logo and SgtRama for the product UI!

Radio ThaSauce Live — On Hiatus for Now

It’s with regret that I must announce that Radio ThaSauce Live is on hiatus for the next two to three weeks.  I’m going through a huge phase in my life right now, I’m moving out of the house I’ve called home for the last 8 years of my life.  Thus, I’m in the midst of packing up my belongings, throwing out what I don’t need, and trying to get organized for this move.  Therefore, I will not have much, if any time, to actually sit down and do the show.  However, I do have some VERY exciting news for you!

When I return in mid to late June, my shows will be longer, though
continuing on saturdays, they will be at least 4 hours long.  I will
also be looking for a few good co-hosts at that time.  The next planned
time off will be Otakon 2009 since I will be in attendance, and of
course, at the OverClocked Remix Panel and of course JamSpace/Club
What can you expect in June? Longer shows for one.  A
live video feed!  Also, I’m planning on purchasing some DJing gear in
the near future, so keep it locked to Radio ThaSauce Live, as I may
very well be doing a live mix show at some point!

Thanks to everyone who’s been listening in faithfully since the beginning.  What’s coming up promises to be fantastic!

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo available now for free download and pre-ord

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo
genoboost posted on GM4A:

Game Music 4 All and Scrub Club Records are excited to announce that the highly anticipated Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo is now available for free download and also taking pre-orders for pressed copies!
1. Dial-Up Town – Jay Tholen VS Shael Riley
2. Oh Yeaah – D-Form VS MC Chesire Grin
3. Battletoads and Double Dragon Medley – Nanaki’s View VS Girlz Melon
4. Puppeteers – Superpowerless VS Conyeezy and Hairetsu
5. Secrets Don’t Make Girlfriends – Nerd Army VS My Parent’s Favorite Music
6. Rockin’ The Rhymes – Arcane Addiction VS MC_Loki and Killa GHOZT
7. 8 Bit Flashback – Doctor Octoroc VS ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!!
8. Barnstormin’ Round – Matheus Manente VS MC Not A Rocket Scientist
9. Rhyme Pirates – Atarimatt VS Legendary Wizard
10. Blip – The Spork VS Epic-1
11. Final Solta O Frango Fantasy – killsaly
12. Sales Love – Spamtron VS TRS-1
13. It Is What It Is – Peppermint Pony VS Attack Slug and Thugmasta JDISC 2
1. Jupiter Cafe – Nestroyer VS TYT
2. Give Zelda To Me – Norwegian Recycling
3. Bizarro Paradise City – Shael Riley VS Bizarro Stylus
4. Contra – ThePlasmas VS 8-Bit Duane
5. I Like Anime – majin wreck VS IllGIll, Magitek, Kabuto the Python, Emperor Pilaf, and Random
6. The Flow – DJ Snyder VS Dual Core
7. Revolution – Temp Sound Solutions VS Shinobi, Kabuto the Python, and Conyeezy
8. Love’s Blade – Beethovenboy VS nameless
9. King of the Dirt – Bit Mummy VS King Nasty
10. Megaman X Medley – Videogame Orchestra VS Girlz Melon
11. I Don’t Pay For Shit – IllGill VS mCRT
12. Blue Skies – Megatone VS King Pheenix
13. Sentimental Graffiti – Swampyboy VS Category

Special thanks to EMPulse for mastering, Doctor Octoroc for artwork, and Madhatter for website design! Also NoWhistlers for telling me about CDPosterShop.com who is pressing the album. More Special thanks to all the artists of course who made this project happen, as well as everyone who has supported this endeavor since HCNC1 last year. Even more special thanks to MisterB, Hex, Shinobi Onibocho, Chibi Ma, and Lo Tech for moral support.

OverClocked ReMix StarCraft Tournament

StarCraft Tournament

garian posted on the OCReMix forums:

Ok guys! I was saying the other day on IRC that we should have a
small-potatoes SC tournament, and even offered to donate 20 dollars for
a prize (either cash or whatever you guys would deem appropriate)! I
was hearing that there is already some interest (most notably Nekofrog,
Tensei-san, and Battousai) and wanted to see if there were other folks
who’d want to get in on something like this.
I was figuring that we
could even record the replays with commentary if people were
comfortable having other folks watch their games… even though I doubt
many of us here are really “good enough” to warrant actually having a
VOD, it’d be nice to see our own flaws and compare strats.What do you guys think? You can message me on IRC or Steam (add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/garianse) but please not here because I hardly ever check my messages or email.

Update May 22:
It seems most people want to have two tourneys, a 1v1 series and a 2v2
series pairing people by their skill. Each round of the tournament will
be decided by a best of 3 matches. I’m thinking that we should maybe
aim for a mid-to-late June date to begin playing, but I don’t want that
to be set in stone until we’ve got some more of the details hammered
out. If you’re wanting to “sign up,” go ahead and make a post with the
race you play and the name you’ll be playing under. Check this post for
future updates!

Nerdapalooza; Summer MAGFest? Well kinda…

Most people know by now that I’ve been a resident of Florida all my life, and that I moved to Orlando a few years ago to attend Full Sail University‘s Computer Animation Bachelors of Science Degree problem. Since I didn’t have a car I lived pretty close to campus, and I got pretty familiar with the surrounding area in the Comic Shop down the street. It was through this comic shop that I got to meet one of my favorite musicians, as well as learned about Nerdapalooza where myf (aka Mythril Nazgul) would be performing just a few days later.
I planned to walk the 8 miles it’d take to get there if I couldn’t find a ride, and luckily I did find a ride, because 8 miles is a lot longer than it seems on MapQuest. When I got there I was greeted by myf himself, along with DJ Snyder of the Grammar Club, who happened to be sitting with MC Frontalot and Schaffer the Darklord. Kind of intense stuff, really. Until then I’d only heard/seen MC Frontalot through Penny Arcade and G4, but now he’s sitting in front of me. Inside I saw ytcracker going through songs on his laptop and I met artists like Random and Zealous1 and was completely blown away. I had no idea that Orlando was so rich with nerd culture (though I suppose I should) and I was told by quite a few people that it was getting bigger every day.
Well now Nerdapalooza 2009 is coming up, and it’s bigger than ever. So big that mc chris has already been confirmed as a guest, as well as Beefy and Shael Riley of the Grammar Club in their first ever live performance. Suzu and starla are making serious attempts to come join the awesome, rumor has it AE might be making an appearance, and I’ve recently heard via twitter that OCR may be cooking something up as well. You can bet ThaSauce’ll be out in full force, but what about you?
Nerdapalooza is the closest thing to a summer MAGFest we have going right now. A mid-year nerd gathering with more music than you can handle.
For up to the minute updates, and full line-up as it’s announced be sure to check out the Nerdapalooza website (which recently got a facelift) at http://nerdapaloozafest.com.

Weezer – The 8-bit Album announced

genoboost posted on GM4A:

For fans of the band, or 8-bit music, or both, a tribute album to
Weezer has just been announced, featuring many of the leading musicians
of the 8-bit scene.
The compilation is set to be released on Pterodactyl Squad,
and will feature contributions from 14 different artists, including Bit
Shifter, Anamanaguchi, arcadecoma., I Fight Dragons, PDF Format, seal
of quality and Videogame Orchestra.Head on over to the official blog
to view the artwork for the compilation, drawn by David Mauro and
modelled on Weezer’s iconic ‘Blue Album’ cover. You can also preview
PDF Format’s cover of You Won’t Get With Me Tonight, which will be
featured on the compilation.Stayed tuned to the official blog
for more updates, and look out for the compilation to be released on
Pterodactyl Squad during the coming weeks.

Radio Free Gamer – New Podcast for Free VGM

Radio Free Gamer, the new podcast featuring free VGM, will start on 8bitx.com in June.  Until then, please email [email protected] with free original VGM, covers, arrangements, remixes, or music related to video games.  Stay tuned for more details!

8-Bit Extravaganza
will host a new podcast dedicated to free video game music, be it
original soundtracks, arrangements, remixes, or simply music related to
video games.  The goal of this show is to be a source for listeners to
learn about the many and varied VGM artists.
To that end, sources of free VGM are needed!  Please send links with
free VGM as described above to [email protected].  As many
sources as possible are needed, so please send what you have.  If you
are a VGM artist yourself and would like to be featured or interviewed
on the show, please email us.

The show will begin in early June and be updated regularly.  More
details will be posted on 8bitx.com as they are available.  Please look
out for it!

Web Game ‘Fathom’ feat. the music of Danny Baranowsky

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk to Danny Baranowsky about an upcoming game project for which he was writing music for.  Well, I didn’t have to wait too long, and now have had the opportunity to bring to you news of what appears to be an excellent game, with most excellent music.
Fathom.  A web game by Adam Saltsman, featuring the music of Danny Baranowsky was just recently released, and it is GOOD!


The game features Danny’s music, which is completely chiptune, and most excellent.  In fact, if you’d like to listen to a track directly from the game, there is a free one linked in the article from Offworld.com, where Danny himself linked me to show off the new game and his music.


Also, be sure to check out db Soundworks, Danny’s personal website which featuers news as well as games he’s worked on.  It also features a chiptune jukebox where you can stream music right ont he site.  It’s absolutely awesome!

In review of the game, let’s just say I haven’t played through as much as I’d like to, but from what I’ve played so far, it looks very, very good.  Plenty of depth to it, and worth the time to just sit and play with it.

Thank you Danny for keeping me up to date with your works!

Mutherpluckin’ B: 8-Bit Democracy

It took a while, though maybe not quite as long as it did for Axl Rose — my long overdue follow up to Nintendosploitation. Now it’s finally here!

This is the “Socialist Edition”, i.e. the free download version. If you want to preorder the $7 Capitalist Edition and receive the full version on CDR with two more songs and full color multi-page artwork, please contact me by mail. A proper order form will show up soon, along with flac files and more jpegs.

Note: As with Nintendosploitation, most tracks flow seamlessly into the next one, which explains a couple of abrupt intros and outros if heard separately.

Download entire album in ogg format + front cover 8-Bit_Democracy_Socialist_Edition_ogg.zip (59 MB)
Download entire album in mp3 format + front cover: 8-Bit_Democracy_Socialist_Edition_mp3.zip (81 MB)

1. Please Select Freedom (Super Mario Bros 2) ogg · mp3 
2. Deflektions of My Life (Deflektor) ogg · mp3 
3. Sky Diver, Inside Her (Mega Man 4) ogg · mp3 
4. Razzle Rides to Town (Battletoads / Gunsmoke) ogg · mp3 
5. Napalm on the Dancefloor (Mega Man 5 / Castlevania) 
6. All My Bubbles Burst (Mega Man 2) ogg · mp3 
7. Turtle Funk (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) ogg · mp3 
8. Unsanxioned Soloing (Sanxion) ogg · mp3 
9. Investigating Outer Heaven (Metal Gear / Super Mario Bros) ogg · mp3 
10. Air Guitar (Mega Man 2 & 3) ogg · mp3 
11. Don’t Feed the Warhawk (Warhawk) ogg · mp3 
12. Lead Jewelry (Mega Man 9) ogg · mp3 
13. Achilles, Mega Man and the Silver Surfer (Having a Rave Up with Dr Wily)
(Mega Man 1-3 / Silver Surfer) ogg · mp3 
14. Godzilla’s Head Soup (Godzilla) 


Source: Lie Mf B’s Homepage

Dwelling of Duels at VGMix – May – Free Month

Dwelling of Duels, hosted by VGMix is a community wide compo where the main instrument must be played live.  This attracts a variety of talent and often produces amazing results.  Every month, a theme is chosen which must be followed.  Participants have one month to complete their tracks, songs are voted for on the last day of every month.

This month is a free month.  Songs are due on Wednesday, May 27th at 9:30 PM Eastern US time. irc.vgmix.com #dod listening party to be held Thursday, May 28th at 9:30 PM Eastern.

April Results
Dr. Manhattan: Street Fighter 2010 – Type Valentine MX-5
Prince of Darkness, DrumUltimA, Kyle Etges, Mark Kinz: Sonic 2 – Vestigial Fusion Factory
M-H: Hoha: S.C.A.T. (NES) – Arnold and Sigourney

Fourth Place – faxanaDUDES (Powellman, Shawn Phase, Spookmeister C, Xavier): Faxanadu – I came back to my hometown to find it FILLED WITH METAL

Congratulations to the winners, and everyone who participated.  We’ll be watching for next months entries!