Down with Googlepages.

Hear this: If you submit a song to R:TS that is hosted on Googlepages you will IMMEDIATELY be blackballed for no less than 5 years with no exceptions. I don’t care if you’re Yasunori Mitsuda, I’m not going to try 15 times to get your song downloaded entirely.
Ok, so that’s a bit of an exagerration, but the 15 times is NOT. Seriously if you need hosting, ASK US. We have more than enough space and bandwidth, seriously. In the meantime JUST ATTACH THE SONG TO YOUR E-MAIL. IT’S COOL I PROMISE.

djpretzel and company to formalize OCR policy.

On OverClocked ReMix, djpretzel and the site staff are working with the local forum to create a formal OCR policy regarding “ReMixes.” The policy essentially formalizes unspoken policies about submissions, the retention of ownership by the respective artists, the rights licensed to OverClocked ReMix, and the distribution/usage rights of people who have downloaded ReMixes from OverClocked ReMix. Dave plans on closing the draft to comments on Sunday, 5/27.
While generally accepted by the community, there are a few artists/members who feel that the phrases/clauses about the removal policy are not acceptable as they stand.

Read more: thread #1 thread #2

Conceptual Music Competition 8: Uncharted Waters

CMC: Conceptual Music Competition

The Conceptual Music Competition is back for its eighth round, “Uncharted Waters”.
This competition is based on the rules of the classic TOMC (Thematic Original Music Competition).

The CMC (Conceptual Music Competition) is designed so that each participant enters a piece of music based on a set theme. The participants take the theme and interpret it as they will to come up with something that fits. Any style can work, as long as it portrays a sense of what the theme is.

Feel free to be imaginative!

Each successive theme will be chosen by the winner of the previous competition. For example, say the theme of the last competition, CMC 20, was “Time Travel” and the winner, Naomi, submitted a piece that knocked the socks off of everyone, so she won. Naomi then gets to decide the theme for CMC 21.

This competition is open to registered members of the forums of
OverClocked ReMix, VGMix, Ormgas, VGMusic, SheezyArt, Gaming World, and Young Composers.

CMC 8: Uncharted Waters
“With a sack of clothes and a blank piece of parchment, the hero boards for his voyage through uncharted waters. The paths ahead are many and unexplored. What Towns, Lands, and Adventures lay before him. From sleepy port town, to stormy night, to the vast expanse of sunlit waves stretching to the horizons. What lies beyond, or for that matter, below. An epic exploration of the seas and beyond, deserves an equally epic soundtrack.” -Zekk

Official Rules!:

  1. Each piece must be originally composed for this competition. Arrangements and remixes will not be accepted. (Pieces composed by the participant prior to the competition will not be accepted.)
  2. Each piece must be 2:00 or longer and match the competition theme.
  3. Only one entry per person. Collaborations will be allowed, but each collaborator may not submit any other pieces. (This also means that a person cannot collaborate on two or more different pieces at the same time.)
  4. A link to the entry piece must be PMed or e-mailed to Abadoss prior to the deadline set for each competition. DO NOT POST THE LINK IN THE THREAD!
  5. Important: Each file must be labelled accordingly: Composer_Name_-_Composition_Title_CMC#.mp3
    (For example, if Vincent Delano submits a piece called “Running with Scissors” to CMC 16, then his filename would be: Vincent_Delano_-_Running_with_Scissors_CMC16.mp3)
  6. MP3 file format is required. Know that even OGG will need to be converted into MP3. (If someone is unable to do so themselves, Abadoss would be willing and able to do it for them.)
  7. Entries should be accompanied by a description and/or story to help listeners understand what the piece is about. (Not required, though.)
  8. All entries must be submitted by Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 11:59 PM – PST, GMT-8.

You can find the competition threads for each forum listed below:

Good luck and have fun! 😀

Previous CMCs:

ID3v2 Update

If anyone has any trouble downloading any songs lately, it’s because
I’ve been reuploading all of them to fix a number of ID3v2 issues.
There were a few tags that were inconsistent with out conventions, but
most importantly since I have a Mac now I noticed that without the
“album artist” field filled in, the songs won’t group together under a
single album. So I made sure to update all of them and am in the
process of re-uploading.

Should be done sometime later this morning, followed by a new song post!

WTB: MAGFest Weekend

Hey guys, Brendan and comany are very close to signing a contract, but
they need YOUR help to decide which weekend to take. Get your asses
over to right now and let them know what’s up.

Seriously. It would suck balls if you couldn’t go because you didn’t say so before hand.

zircon Releases ”Antigravity”, Unveils New Site

From zircon’s mailing list:

“In spite of all the variables and possibilities for delay in shipping & transport, everything came through and Antigravity has been officially released today!”
“All preorders will be shipped within the next 24 hours, and new orders will be shipped promptly too. If you missed the link last time, here’s all the info and previews:

>>> <<< The album is also available on iTunes:

As well as my own shop in WAV format, along with my previous albums:


zircon has also updated his website, in both flash and HTML versions.

Music production software for Linux is not a pipe dream.

Slashdot once again does our homework for us.

Basically the Keyboard Magazine website,, has broken down audio production on Linux into a quick and concise beginners guide to getting started. Lots of links to distros and OSS relating to audio production, including the Linux analog to Pro-Tools, Ardour.

Peep it, yo!

Original Article

Help Repeal the REAL ID act!

The federal government took another step recently towards forcing you to carry a national ID in order to get on airplanes, open a bank account, enter federal buildings, and much more. But with state legislatures and Congressional representatives increasingly turning against the REAL ID Act, you can help stop this costly, privacy-invasive mandate — voice your opposition now.