Video Games Live on PBS!

from the VGL newsletter:

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 23, 2010 — The award winning Video Games Live show has once again pulled out all the stops in its groundbreaking effort to show the world how artistic and culturally significant video games have become sat sites such as gali satta. On Thursday, April 1st, 2010, Video Games Live will be performing with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra at the Kenner Pontchartrain Center for a nationwide television special which will start airing July 31, 2010 on PBS as
well as a companion DVD, Blu-Ray and album.

This will be the biggest
Video Games Live production ever staged, with more special fx,
screens, special guests and segments than ever before.

Special Guests include the creator and “father” of video games, 88
year old legend Ralph Baer. �Mr. Baer will appear on stage to
demonstrate his original “brown-box” gaming system and challenge one
lucky audience member to a match while the symphony provides the
sounds. �Mr. Baer will be available to sign autographs and get
pictures taken during the post-show meet & greet festivities. �Also in
the meet & greet will be Video Games Live creators and industry
veteran game composers Tommy Tallarico (Earthworm Jim/Advent Rising)
and Jack Wall (Myst/Mass Effect). �Marty O’Donnell (Halo), Russell
Brower (Blizzard), Gerard Marino (God of War), Christopher Tin
(Civilization IV) will also be available and MANY MORE! �Soloists will
include internet sensations Martin Leung on piano and Laura “Flute
Link” Intravia as well as the original vocal soloists for the segments
being performed.

Pre-show festivities include a costume contest, game demos, prize
give-a-ways and a Guitar Hero competition. �Costume contest and Guitar
Hero competition to be filmed for the PBS Special and DVD/Blu-Ray.

Video Games Live website: �

Nerdapalooza Lifetime WHAT?


hex just updated the Nerdapalooza blog, lots of cool stuff in there but WHAT A NERDAPALOOZA LIFETIME PASS? For just $350?!


  • Lifetime pass to any and every Nerdapalooza sponsored show
  • VIP Access to any Nerdapalooza show you attend (where applicable)
  • Nerdapalooza Final Boss Club T-Shirt
  • Digital copies of any and every release that Nerdapalooza makes, musical, DVD, or otherwise
  • Special exclusive goodie at every Nerdapalooza Annual Festival
  • That’s BARELY more than a single entry to MAGFest with the super supported badge and (sorry Brendan) WAY better in my opinion! Holy crap. Only 50 are availible, and if I had a job I’d be CRAZY to not buy one. Anyway check out the full article for other nerdy stuffs.

    8-bit Pimp by A_Rival: On Sale Now

    A_Rival; 8-bit Pimp

    From OSV:

    Of all the performers in the worldwide chipmusic scene, very few can match the flair and spectacle of San Francisco’s chip-hop king, A_Rival (aka Wave Theory, AE, Planet Skill, etc). In his latest album,�8-Bit Pimp, Rival stages a 2A03-powered assault on your ear drums, spitting rapid-fire rhymes with impeccable cadence atop some of the dopest 8-bit beats you’ve ever heard.

    And while I’ve never been a huge fan of chipmusic that defaults to videogames as a unifying theme, jams like ‘Cybernetic Mariachi’ and ‘Show Me Girl’ tell entertaining and humorous stories while showcasing a masterful mix of chip sounds, guitars, synth and vocals. The production quality is top-notch and so are the rhymes; an exceptional release that West Coast chip fans can take pride in.

    If you’re just hearing Rival’s stuff for the first time and you’re not going to be at�PAX Eastlater this month, you’re missing out, as this fella puts on one heck of live show. Fortunately,�8-Bit Pimp�should give you a pretty solid idea of the fresh sound A_Rival brings to the stage. And if you were at�MAGFest�this year, you can join me in interjecting with that bad-ass Colossus roar during the title track’s chorus. I’m telling you, that meme never gets old.

    Available at:�A_Rival’s Bandcamp page

    BGC named a Power User of FL Studio


    Hey friends and fans, some pretty cool news that I’ve been meaning to share for the past few days:� The good folks at Image Line software, the makers of FL Studio have appointed me the honor of being considered a “Power User” when they found out about my use of their software for my work in Mass Effect 2.

    I’m very honored and flattered by this, though truthfully I feel a little… out of place, haha.� Most of their other Power Users are successful producers, DJ’s, or performers who largely deal in electronic/pop music.� But it’s all good, I’m proud of my work on Mass Effect, and it looks like Image Line is as well, enough so that they figured it was worth giving me this cool badge, so to speak.

    Regarding FL Studio, I’ve used it for some 6 – 7 years at this point as the primary host/sequencer program for probably over 95% of the music I’ve made.� Like any software it has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but it’s definitely played a key role in all the commercial music I’ve written, whether for video games, film, or television.� So thanks again, Image Line.� Keep up the hard work with your software!

    For more information, visit my Power User page here –