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If the only thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word “Powerglove” is a failed Nintendo peripheral, it’s time to start thinking differently. Powerglove is also a metal band that chugs out blisteringly brutal renditions of your favorite video game tunes. From Sonic to Final Fantasy IV, from 8-bit to MIDI, no catchy gaming song is left un-metalized.

During the middle of the band’s current two-month tour, I had the pleasure of meeting them for a nice chat over some cheeseburgers. I spoke with Chris Marchiel (guitar), Nick Avila (bass), and Bassil Silver (drums) about their favorite games, the band’s history, fan’s most requested songs, and why they think metal and video game music blend together so well. (Unfortunately, Powerglove’s additional guitarist, Alex Berkson, was unable to make it.)

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Mega Ran unveils first singles from Forever Famicom: Dream Master​/​

Forever Famicom

From GM4A:

Looks like Mega Ran, alongside producer K-Murdock have finally released the first, and long awaited tracks from their upcoming project Forever Famicom. Better yet, they have released these two tracks for free download! So head right over to the double single Bandcamp page and grab both songs now!

First we hear a laid back autobiographical cut laid atop some nice Little Nemo based beats called�Dream Master. This is followed up by the amazing Chrono Trigger tribute where Mega Ran drops line after line of video games and other nerdy references with tons of energy. This track goes by�Epoch�and is definitely an incredible track, and definitely hope I get to hear it live at some point. These tracks definitely show the varied skills of Mega Ran and producer K-Murdock, and raise the anticipation for Forever Famicom to a whole new level.

Also don’t forget that Mega Ran has also released two new Mega Ran 10 singles for a dollar each over at�the Mega Ran 10 Bandcamp page.

And finally, he is also playing alongside MC Frontalot tomorrow night at the Viper Room in Los Angeles (details here), so do not miss that either!

Game Music Remixer Hyadain Reveals Himself as Pro Composer

From Destructoid:

Japanese game music remixer and YouTube denizen Hyadain has revealed his true identity: professional composer Kenichi Maeyamada.

Hyadain, whose work originally debuted in 2008, has been known for creative remixes of famous game music, adding clever, generally humorous vocals and jokes about the game. Earlier this week he revealedhis identity to the world, showcasing some of his professional work including the 11th opening to the long-running anime One Piece.

Despite his primarily silly repertoire, the revelation that Hyadain is a pro is little surprise to those who have followed his work. Some of his songs, such as his�remix�of the main�Final Fantasy�theme, showcased rather complex vocal work that your average fan isn’t going to be capable of performing.

While Maeyamada is primarily a composer, it’s nice to see the man behind the music can stand on his own voice. You can check out his full discography on his�site.

Worst Game Music Discussion @ OCR Forums

Worst Game Music thread image

So recently on the OverClocked ReMix forums, ReMixer Gecko Yamori, started a discussion on the worst game music ever. Here’s a quote from his first post in the thread:

After browsing numerous forums and watching “best game music” threads
pop up every month with the same shit listed over and over, I thought
I’d make an effort to catalouge the worst aural offenders in games. Once
I have enough material I’ll pick the 10 worst ones and make a fancy
YouTube presentation.

Edit: As it turns out, the GeckoYamori made the thread awhile ago, but Txai has recently resurrected the discussion.

So far my nominees are:

  • A Boy and his Blob: This makes Banana Phone sound like Chopin.
  • Cruis’n USA: Would have picked Daytona USA, but the constipated Elvis
    impersonator trumps it on every level.
  • Mega Man 2 (Game Boy): I have no idea if the composer intentionally
    tried to pursue some avant garde disharmonic statement here.
  • Doom (32x): I know it’s not easy to get the most out of the YM chip, but
    this sounds just like they hastily ran the MIDI files through a
    converter and didn’t even bother to manually touch them up afterwards.
    Which makes sense given that the entire game was one big rush job.”

Please click�here�to see the rest of the thread and get in on the discussion.

Gecko Yamori�is a veteran ReMixer with 12 ReMixes on OverClocked ReMix ranging from Sonic CD to Mega Man 3, The Last Ninja and Streets of Rage 2, and was also involved in the OverClocked ReMix album, Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos.

Tron Tribute EP RELEASED!

This just in from Game Music 4 All, the great 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer has released a Tron Tribute EP, which is available for for free!
The following is quoted from

A new EP has just been released by the great 8
Bit Weapon
(and ComputeHer,
of course) featuring 5 tracks all in homage of the classic 1982 science
fiction film “Tron”. You get to hear Wendy Carlos’s scores redone in a
8bit remix version that still carrys the intense, nostalgic, climatic
feeling. �The 5 tracks feature three different mixes called Tron Scherzo
and two mixes of the Theme + Ending. �Each mix are named after the
characters from the movie. �My personal favorites go out to Sark’s
Revenge Mix and Flynn’s Fare.
this now
and get sucked into a system of 8bit signals that will
trigger nothing but the feeling of content all around you.