Anime Remix Returns!
Do You Have Updog?

What’s updog? Not much, how about you?
back, finally! We’re with a different host and while the site is still
in the transitional phase, we’re pretty much up and running and have a
functional site. However, any problems should be reported to Xaleph. We
lost a remix during the move but that’s not so hard to put back up. The
forum posts [what posts there were, anyway] are probably lost for good, but hopefully nothing too substantial was lost in the messageboards. Time to start remixing again :3

New Anime Remix Site Design and a New Remix by Xaleph!

What I said over there:

DO IT LIVE! We did a LOT of testing with this new version of the site,
to iron out all the big bugs, but there’s likely a few left just from
carrying this new design over. If you find anything wrong or if you’d
like to give feedback on the design, let Xaleph know [because that’s
not my job :D]. Well I think it’s great, the black and brownish greens
were getting depressing. All those headers everyone
worked on are now gone but I hope anyone didn’t work TOO hard on those.
Perhaps we’ll enlist everyone’s help on making new site headers this
time too! AAAAAAAAnyway, welcome to the new site.

There’s also a new remix by Xaleph and some woman I’ve never heard of, so check that out too!

Anime Remix = BACK

From Anime Remix:

Ok so you all may have noticed AR’s been down for a while. Well, Avaris
actually told me while we were at MAGFest that AR was back up. I talked
to Xaleph just now and he doesn’t actually know why AR is actually back
up, but it is.
We also haven’t been able to contact our host [he won’t
even answer his emails] during the downtime, however Xaleph DOES have a
backup plan to move the site if this happens again, so don’t worry!Also,
happy new year! 2009 should see many new cool things happening with AR,
like dev.animeremix going live! And hell, maybe some new songs too!

Anime Remix Halloween Competition 2007!

Please see the original thread for more details

Villains always have the coolest themes. This competition revolves around “scary” anime, “evil” anime music, and villain theme songs. We also accept normal remixes that are simply scary (like a spooky chobits mix or something). This is the biggest Anime Remix yearly competition.

The Simpsons Competition

Have you ever loved those pinks donuts so much? Simpsons has always
been one of the top shows in America, I salute the Simpsons for the
unrivaled humor and creative plotlines. This show has been around for
around 18 years (had a short in 1987 and developed into a real show 3
seasons later). Personally, I would have to say my favorite character
is probably the same as everyone else – Homer. With his lack of
intellect, and inability to lead a family or even hold onto a job – he
makes every man not only able to point and laugh, but makes us feel
that there is a lower man out there.

Anyways – this competition is as follows – All submissions are to be in
this coming Sunday (August 5th). You can remix any song from this
series (there are 53, I have the entire archive, not hard to find imo)
and of course I recommend the theme song. All submissions will be sent
to me and I’ll assign a few people to listen and judge (we’ll combine
the scores at the end).

Let me know if you plan on either participating with a remix or if you are interested in judging.

More here

Anime Remix Switches to PunBB Forums.

Xaleph [formerly Carbunk1e] was finally able to get the PunBB migration tool working today, so now we have brand-spanking-new forums which will hopefully be more spam-free than phpBB was. At the very least it’s a much more lightweight forum, and it’s open source! Also, more site-integration should follow suit, so it’s not just a vanilla forum page. There is already a site skin called “nevblack” which looks more like the AR front page. Post away!

Also, we’re still looking for more actual content, so if you’re a composer/arranger and you’re reading this, please consider submitting a tune to our site. Xaleph has a few tunes on the way, but we’d love to see some fresh new faces!

OverCoat and mDuo13 Start ”Nekomimi Music” Blog

Copied from mDuo’s first post:

“Welcome to our new blog, Nekomimi Music. For those of you who haven’t heard our mumblings and ramblings in the past few weeks, you’re probably wondering what this site is about. Well, it’s time to end the questions and the vagueness and explain what this is and why it exists.
“Why do we exist?

“Well, I can’t tell you the answers to any questions of
existentialism and unversal truth, but I can tell you why this blog
exists. We care about anime music – and anime remixes. And since
certain other websites do not update as regularly as we’d like, we
thought we could do better, and while we’re at it, we could talk about
things that aren’t related to some of those other websites – we can
review the latest OSTs, show off chiptunes of anime songs as well as
professional rearrangements, post remixes of all sorts (including the
kind that doesn’t have a capitalized M) and whatever else we feel like
adding. In short, this site is meant to be a one-stop visit for anime
music news.

“Why do you keep saying ‘we’?

“Simple. There are three of us: me (mDuo13), soc (OverCoat), and red
(Redcavalier). We were basically the last active members of Anime
Remix, so we decided that we may as well stick together when we made a
new site.

“What kind of weirdo name is ‘Nekomimi Music’?

“It actually kind of a reference to the quirky opening theme from an obscure anime, but it’s also a fun theme: “nekomimi” means cat ears, so we can use the cat-ear motif to mark our stuff. I mean, who doesn’t like cat ears on anything and everything?

“So if this is an anime music site, where’s the anime music?

“To be honest, we don’t want to give it all away at once, so you’ll
have to keep checking back to get more and more of it. But we can start
you off with a little something you may have heard before: the Anime Chipdisk volume 1.
This is a little project by OverCoat, Tenemis, Coda, and Noboyuki to
take a bunch of your favorite anime themes and re-create them in
space-efficient Impulse Tracker chiptune format! The end result is
pretty close to what it would sound like if you were watching anime on
your Amiga or your NES! We hope you enjoy them!

“That’s all for now, folks!

“And that concludes the Nekomimi Music Manifesto. Wow, I’m getting
sick of typing those M’s. Anyway, be sure to check back, because we’re
going to be posting lots more within the next few weeks, including
plenty of songs, some of which
you’ll have never heard before!

“In other news, it’s my birthday! I’m 20 now. It’s kind of
depressing to realize I’m already this old and yet I’ve accomplished so
little with my life. Hopefully that won’t be true for long!”

Anime ReMix Halloween ReMix Competition 2006 is now over!

Here is the votepack

Hey guys & gals, the AR Halloween contest is over. We have four
very different entries from four very special guys ;). Anyway, if you
like anime music, check this votepack out and send me votes if you
like. Order the songs from best to worst and I’ll put them in my
magical compo vote machine and it’ll spit out fancy results. PM me if
you’re a member of any forums we go to together, or email me [overcoat
at gmail dot com] and vote that way.
I was unfortunately unable to do anything this year, but who cares? AR is dead. LoL~!!

Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2K6!

BOO! Now the competition we’ve all been waiting about a year for!

Welcome to the official Anime Remix Halloween Remix Competition 2007!

The rules are simple. Remix any song allowed by AR standards [any anime
or cartoon] with a catch! The catch is, the song must be Halloween
themed! Think witches, vampires, black cats, loli vampire catgirl
witches, ghouls, ghosts, Xaleph, and goblins! We’ll save the sappy
stuff ’til Christmas >:D

I’m hoping to see people like Aktulua and Analoq back this year, and hopefully some new faces.

Oh right, and THE SONGS ARE DUE 11:59 OCTOBER 30TH [GMT to avoid timezone confusion] SO YOU HAVE A WHOLE MONTH! GL HF NEXTMAP

Here is the Anime ReMix thread

Anime Chipdisk Vol. 1 released

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for! CHIPDISK DAY! I decided to
release it a day earlier here though since Anime ReMix is awesome.
There’s also a thread since they’re cool too.
Coda, Tenemis and Nobuyuki helped me out immensely and I couldn’t have
done it without them.

Tell your friends!

This is a sizable collection of small, loopable chiptunes of
popular anime OP themes, complete with its own player so you don’t have
to download XMPlay or the winamp BASS plugin or anything. You can also
fit the entire thing uncompressed onto a single floppy disk and play it on any computer! I will copy my writeup from the NFO:

Welcome to the first collection of awesome

anime chips! Hopefully public interest

will push us to make another one.

Feel free to send me requests!

For this chipdisk I decided to cover OP

themes from the most popular anime,

though Tenemis wanted his

Azuki-chan ending to be used.

This is okay!

If another anime chipdisk is created, I

may focus on BGM or ending themes.

You may notice some of the songs are a lot

different than the original. Especially

those awful OverCoat tracks! Well, changes

happen when you compress something down to

4 channels. There are also some things I

just can’t track. At least the melody is

still intact.

Don’t forget to turn looping on 🙂

a lot of the songs take advantage

of song looping, and will flow

better if this is on.