Free Indie of the Year 2008

Txai posted on OverClocked ReMix:

Bytejacker recently announced the results for the Free Indie of the
Year. Top 10 games are listed. One of them is Meat Boy, platformer
created by Edmund McMillen/Jonathan McEntee and soundtrack by OCReMixer
Daniel Baranowsky.

These games are pretty cool. Definitely worth checking out.

An OverClocked Christmas: Volume 2 Released!

Completed monday, and now released today, An OverClocked Remix: Volume 2, an unofficial Christmas album produced by me, with great music from a variety of composers from OCRemix is now available for you to download and enjoy!

Album art by TheCoop, and tracks by Xerol, PrototypeRaptor, TheCoop, and others.  To download the album, please visit, and if you have not listened to the first album, you can find it here at

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

8-Bit Jesus: Full Album Release


Just in time for Christmas, it’s the full version of 8-Bit Jesus: Classic Christmas Songs in the Style of Classic NES Games. This
full release contains 18 tracks total, including improved variations
of a few of the original nine! Please be sure to check out the new amazing cover art for the full release, designed by Jude Buffum.

To download the album for free, click the
appropriate link below. The download is available in both ZIP and RAR
formats, or you can download individual tracks if you wish. To listen
to a few of the tracks, please visit my Myspace page.

If you really like the album, please consider donating any amount
you wish via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal and still wish to make a
donation, money orders are more than welcome. Just shoot me an email to get my mailing address.


Anyone who donates $15 or more will receive a physical copy of 8-Bit Jesus in the mail (see picture above for package, designed by Jude Buffum). If
you donate $30, you will receive two, and so on. These include first
class shipping, so don’t worry about that. If you live outside the
U.S., please be prepared to wait a few weeks from the shipping
date to receive your copy. I will be mailing these out in the order I
receive the donations, but obviously, International shipping takes

Due to the insanity of the holiday season, I will likely not be able
to mail the copies out until after Christmas, but that all depends on
how many I have to send. Many, I would hope! If your PayPal address is
different from the address to which you want the copy mailed, make sure
you include the correct mailing address in a note along with your
payment, or in an email after you make your payment (be sure to include
your PayPal confirmation number, or PayPal e-mail address, if different
from the email from which you send the address information). Click the
“Contact Doctor Octoroc” button at the right side of the top menu to
send me a message, or just send an email to jazzlevi[at]yahoo[dot]com. For anyone who forgets to send their address, I will send a message to get this information when I get to your order. Please be patient, as I am producing, packaging, and mailing these myself.

EDIT 01: I’ve decided, due to the number of donations I’ve
gotten so far, to send these to a professional cd duplication/printing
place. The advantage is, you get an even better looking physical copy!
The disadvantage is, you might have to wait til mid January or even
beginning of February to get it. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!
You’ve seen the artwork above, right? Imagine that times six, and
that’s the finished package deal! Actually…multiply it by seven,
counting the disc.

EDIT 02: You may have trouble downloading the file(s) due to
massive downloads (that’s what I get for offering this for free,
haha), so please visit one of the following links to download a mirror
if you expereinced problems coming to the site!

Jude Buffum
Mike and Heather
Bender Rodriguez
72-Pin Connector

Download 8-Bit Jesus in RAR Format

Download 8-Bit Jesus in ZIP Format

The Smash Brothers New Web Site! AND A SURPRISE!

From SnappleMan‘s post on OCR:

Hey everyone! Just relaying a message from everyone’s favourite band… THE SMASH BROTHERS!!!

The Smash Brothers have finally pulled it together and
gotten a web site going. Now experience their bacon-infused goodness –
without the smell of bacon – in the privacy and comfort of your own
living quarters.


This wicked-cool web presence (put together by the ridiculously awesome
Mazedude) contains generic information, band member bios, and links to
samples from OUR BRAND NEW EP kids. The EP is being printed right this very moment and will be
available at MAGFest. We are only doing a very small run of this one,
however, so make sure to swing by our table and pick up a copy. Five
Dollars, Six Songs. Bargain bin prices! We won’t be undersold!

ReMix:ThaSauce ‘To Be Post’ list updated, QC forum updates, podcast limbo, etc..

So first of all, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came out and submitted stuff to ReMx:ThaSauce over the past few weeks. We really appreciate it, guys. There’s so much great music out there just waiting to be heard, and we wanna make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

I’ve gone ahead and posted what I have TAGGED AND READY to be posted in the thread on the QC forums. This isn’t a concrete list of what I have, or what’s going to be direct posted, but more an idea of where I am RIGHT NOW. Expect some updates to this thread, and the QC forums in general over the next week or so. Our Arbiters are probably going to have to come out of hibernation for a bit, too =P

On top of that there’s been some dicussion about reforming VGDJ @ OCR, and it brought up the reminder that WE haven’t done a podcast in some time. I’d been busy with finishing up school, and starla had a few things she’s been taking care of too. I think we’re ready to start getting something going again, and I know I said I’d have one ready by last Friday, but really there’s just so much to cover we’re having trouble fitting it all into 1 show. Anywhere we’re pretty close to (if not totally done with) ironing out what we plan to put in the next show, so you guys should expect one VERY VERY SOON…but seriously.

Lastly I’d still like to remind people that, even though I got a good ammount of submissions lately, they’re still pretty far and few between overall. So keep’em comin’. We wanna make sure all the music we can gets to as many people as possible, and the best way to do that is to have a constant flow of stuff coming in.

If you didn’t see it on ReMix:ThaSauce my original post is here:

So, some people think we’re dead, but we’re not. I ASSURE YOU. We’re just in a dry spell for submissions (unofficial count right now is 1 to be QC’d and 1 to be posted, but don’t quote me on that because I’m not exactly checking RIGHT NOW).

That in mind…SUBMIT. If you submitted before and have new stuff? Submit! If you submitted before and got rejected? SUBMIT! If you know someone who has a song that they’ve finished but haven’t posted it anywhere or got it rejected from OCReMix? Tell them to submit! If you submitted a song and it didn’t get posted and it didn’t go to the qc RESUBMIT! It happens sometime (except you, Bren. I got you.)

Skrypnyk Releases New Album, ”Suburbia”

“Greetings. I would like to present to you, my first full length album Suburbia.”

click image to download
continued below

“Over the past two years, I’ve been working off and on this album.
Trying to do a style a little different then what I’ve normally done. A
more psychedelic, chill-out, downtempo style while keeping everything
atmospheric and ambient.

“With 11 songs, it comes in at over 44 minutes in length. Making it my longest release to date.

“Want to support this starving artist? Send a donation via paypal

“Don’t have any spare change and still want to help out? Tell
you’re friends, family, school mates, co-workers, allies and enemies.
Word of mouth is my #1 choice in advertisement.

“Enjoy, and thanks for listening.”


Any fan of Skrypnyk’s work will already know what to do. However, his original work is very underrated and mostly unknown, so if this stuff is new to you please do check this out. He doesn’t seem to like attention but he needs some forced upon him 😀 so download away!

VGM: Very Good Music

VGM: Very Good Music, my weekly video game music radio show, airs TONIGHT at 10PM EST. This week, I round out the top tracks from ’08 from all over the internet (and beyond!). Cohosts are sure to be present in some form or another, so tune in to find out who’s harassing me this week. Make sure to join #vgm on EnterTheGame to chat with other listeners too.
VGM: Very Good Music features video game remixes, tracks from game OSTs, and even original
non-vg tracks from composers and remixers. Whether it’s showcasing new releases, dusting off the oldies (HA!), or playing popular requests, you’re sure to get tracks from a variety of websites, games, remixers, and genres. Come hang out with me this
and every Friday night with VGM: Very Good Music!

An OverClocked Christmas: Volume 2 – Unofficial Christmas Album Project

As many of you know, last year, I headed a project called An OverClocked Christmas, which brought together some very talented individuals who gave us eleven tracks of very cool Christmas music.  Well, I’m at it again this year.  I’ve started An OverClocked Christmas: Volume 2, and it’s the next logical step.
It’s an open project, so anyone who is interested in contributing a
track can submit a WIP (by the first WIP date, of course) for the
project.  It’s a small project, and runs until Monday, December 22.
The first WIP deadline is Wednesday, December 10 at 11:59pm.  Which
means, I have to have it in my inbox by then (see thread at OCR for more info).

interested in joining the project, please check the first post, and
post in the thread to let me know that you’re joining so I can add you
to the main post.  Also, there is no limit on the number of songs you
can do, as long as you can handle the work load, I’m always happy to
accept multiple songs from the same artist.