MAGFest 5 Date & Location

The MAGFest website has recently been updated with the new M5 logo, theme, and with a (seemingly) official date and location for MAGFest 5.
Next years MAGFest will be held in Vienna, VA on Thursday, January 4th through Sunday, January 7th. I know I’m gonna try like hell to get there, and as always I advise that anyone else who even thinks they might be able to, try try tryyyy. You won’t regret it.

ReMix:ThaSauce goes live!

ReMix:ThaSauce goes live!

What is this thing? R:TS is a new video game arrangement
site brought to you by the creators of ThaSauce. Our goal is to put the fun
back into arrangement. We believe that some are placing too much emphasis on sample
quality and production levels, rather than focusing on arrangement and

What about it? R:TS uses a submission system similar to
classic OverClocked ReMix. Submissions are evaluated by a small group of 2-3 “arbiters”,
who each have the power to approve a song. Basically all it takes is one “yes”

Who is it? R:TS was created by Suzumebachi, Fusion2004, and
designed by Eon Blue under the direction of SgtRama. The current arbiters are
SgtRama, Xerol, and Suzumebachi.

Schwat? Send us your songs, remixers! The site itself is
still currently under construction, but all the core features are there, as
well as information on submitting your works to us!

Ok? Hope to see you

Check us out at:


Suzumebachi & Fellow R:TS Staff

Absolute Tetris DS Destruction

So yesterday I decided to start a game of Endless Marathon mode in Tetris DS, just to see how far I could make it. That a was around 6:30 PM, and I’m still going. I’m at level 165…
I can tell you right now that the game can’t particularly get much faster. The blocks kind of just PLANT themselves, and you have to spin them to get them where you wanted. >_< The people over in #ClanOCR (the IRC channel for all OCR related DS-ing), wanted a video so I upload it over at YouTube. Check it out!

Anonymous Editting Disabled on ThaWiki, Indefinately

Since in initial creation, we’ve allowed anonymous users to edit ThaWiki. We knew it was a risky step to take, but the majority of mixers who HAVE entered in their biographies aren’t registered users, and we didn’t want to disinterest other people with having to sign up. However we’ve recently had a bit more ad-spam than we’d like to have to deal with .
As a result we’ve decided to disable the editting of pages by anonymous users. This will be, at the very LEAST, until we can find a way to lessen the ammount of ad-spam that makes its way onto ThaWiki. We hope that this doesn’t deter new users from signing up and helping out with filling pages on mixer biographies, original albums, and so on.

VGDJ: Episode #035

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves. We’ve announced the winners of our intro contest! With sixteen entries total, it was difficult to choose, but if you didn’t make the top three, don’t sweat it! Prizes are still coming your way. For the rest of you out there who are just dying to get your hands on some official merchandise, check out our brand new, non-profit VGDJ store.
Four ReMix Reviews (including the biggest mega-collab OCR has ever seen!), the latest and greatest on all the community meetups, a little drunk dialing, and finally… the WinglessMix. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves on this rockin’ post-Patty’s Day show!

Pick it up at!

People’s Remix Competition: Anime #10: Open (Theme) Season!

mDuo13 writes:
“Anime Remix is dying for some activity, so we’re reviving the PRC:A, yes, the People’s Remix Competition: Anime Edition. But, we need your help: we need remixers to participate so we get some serious turnout here.

PRC:A X has a special theme: instead of picking a single song, it’s Open (Theme) Season, which means that you can pick any opening (OP) theme you want (American and all foreign cartoons count too, remember!) and remix it for the competition! So, if you’re hankering to remix Tank!, the Simpsons theme, Cruel Angel’s Thesis, READY STEADY GO, or any other more obscure opening theme, now’s the time to do it!
If you don’t have any ideas, you can always remix the first Full Metal Alchemist OP and submit it to the FMA Project while you’re at it.

For the full details, rules of the competition, go to the thread on Anime Remix.

Remixes will be due by Sunday, March 26th, at 11:59pm PST. That should give you plenty of time, so I’m looking forward to seeing some great remixes.


Doujin spotlight: Celestia Project Vol. 2, Gekitsui

March 12th saw the release of two doujin events: Celestia Project Vol. 2 ~ Jazz Festival and the third 撃墜王決定戦 (roughly “Gekitsui King Contest”, I think), a VG rock arrangement competition.

(*obligatory Babelfish/Google Translate warning*)
Celestia Project Vol. 2, as you can probably guess, is the followup to Celestia Project Vol. 1, which consisted completely of Square/Enix arrangements and was a massive success with over 80 submissions. Unfortunately, to say that Vol. 2 does not live up to its predecessor is more than an understatement. There were no game restrictions this time around, but all submissions were required to be in a jazz style. There was a disappointing total of 12 video game arrangements, of which roughly half are even listenable (no offense to any contributors who might be reading this). However, the project is perhaps saved by its other half: a collection of 10 original pieces also in jazz style. I personally recommend the ones by millstones, YK, and Tadasuke in particular. The theme for Vol. 3 is as yet undecided.

Gekitsui, on the other hand, with its heavy metal/rock theme, is a real treat for any VGM fan. One might compare this event to a Dwelling of Duels free month uber-competition. Now in its third iteration, original submissions were welcomed this time as well. Coming in at 44 VG arrangements and 24 original tracks for a total of 68 submissions, Gekitsui rivals the success of the Celestia Project Vol. 1. In this tribute to the mighty axe, there is plenty of distortion, overdrive, and wah-wah for all. Voting is being held until the 19th, although I haven’t been able to determine exactly how to actually vote. Results will be announced a week later, on the 26th.